51 Tiny But Mighty Digital Product Ideas For Your Health, Fitness and Wellness Business

Making money online with your expertise isn’t new, but it may be new to you.

The first time I realised I could turn my Personal Trainer experience into a digital product it blew my mind.

To be honest, it still does.

I love the creativity and flexibility of making and selling digital products.  I also love how digital products can slip into your already established one-on-one business, be a whole new sidearm of your business or a combination of the two.

Digital products open the door of possibility for you.

When I speak to health, fitness or wellness professionals, the only two products that come to mind are courses or memberships.  And there’s nothing wrong with those per se, but they are hard to tackle.

Especially, if you’re generally new to the whole online space thing.

When I created my first product in 2014, The 7 Week Fit Lean and Fierce program, it took me over a year to make and sell.  

That is precisely 11 months too long.

These days I recommend business owners start with a smaller product.  

A tiny one.

Something tiny but mighty.

A product that will help your client and audience achieve a micro-transformation.

If you’re ready to make and sell your first one, but are short on ideas, this is for you.

51 Digital Products Ideas For Health, Fitness and Wellness Professionals

1. A Simple 3 – 7-Day Challenge:

A simple email-based challenge with niche-specific information such as routines, tips, and strategies to help clients kick-start or re-invigorate a habit.

💡 Ideas:

Run program eg learn to run for 20 mins without stopping in 7 days

Skipping challenge eg X number of skips or double-unders per day for 7 days

Mobility challenge eg 5 days of shoulder mobility

Healthy habits eg pick one habit to work on and challenge it for 5 days

10K step challenge eg Minimum of 10K steps per day for 5 days

Meal prep challenge eg Prep a week’s worth of healthy lunches

Journalling challenge eg an email course with daily journal prompts for a specific outcome

Drink Water eg 5-day drink 1 L challenge

2. BW Exercise Specific Ideas: 

Bodyweight Exercise eBook: A collection of bodyweight exercises with simple instructions and modification options for clients who prefer to train at home or while travelling.

💡 Ideas:

BW exercises for Mums

BW exercises for work-from-home warriors

BW exercises for the whole family

BW exercises for prehab

BW exercises for over 60’s

3. Healthy Smoothie Recipe eBook: 

Compile various delicious and nutrient-packed smoothie recipes that clients can enjoy as a quick, healthy meal or snack.

💡 Ideas:

High-calorie smoothies

Low-calorie smoothies

Plant-based smoothies

Keto smoothies

Best Sports Recovery Smoothies

4. Nutrition EBooks/Guides:

Quick guides on proper nutrition for various fitness goals.

💡 Ideas:

Eating well for perimenopause and menopause

Eating well for menstrual cycle health

Muscle Gain basics

How to Master Your Macros

Reading and understanding a nutrition label

Intuitive Eating How-To’s

Healthy snack/lunch/breakfast/dinner ideas

5. Post Workout Recovery Guide/Flows/Protocols


10 min recovery guides 

Nutrition recovery guides

Peanut ball recovery protocol

Hot/Cold recovery protocol

Self Massage protocol

6. Mindfulness and wellness guides


Guided breathwork MP3


Somatic Release

Yoga Nidra meditations


Sports Performance audio

7. Supplement guides 



General Health

Sports Performance

Stressful life phases

Period PMS 

8 Meal Prep guides:

Step-by-step guides for planning and preparing healthy meals.

Freezer Meals

Meals on a budget

Best takeaway options for those who travel

How to prepare Meals for when at a Sports Tournament

Lunch prep

Breakfast prep

9 Random Ideas – these can be delivered as checklists or toolkits

How to set up your home gym for under $100 from Kmart

Kitchen Overhaul

Your guide to the best Tupperware for meal prep

How to detox your house

Optimise Your Sleep Routine

How to use these ideas:

These ideas can be manipulated to fit your niche and ideal client.

Here’s how to make each idea more specific to your ideal client. I’m using the same three digital product ideas to show how changing a variable changes the product.


Change or add a time variable


Lunch Prep in 20 mins or Less

3 min guided breathwork MP3s

10 min Full Bodyweight Program For Busy Mums

Add a Number


10 Ultimate Lunch Prep Ideas That Take Less Than 20 mins to Prep

7-Day Guided Breathwork Challenge

6 Best Lower Body BW Exercises For Busy Mums

Turn them into Checklists


Your Lunch Prep Checklist: Make sure you don’t miss a step

Your Breathwork Set-Up Checklist:  Create the perfect space for your breathwork practice

Your Lower Body BW Workout Checklist: Nail Your Form

Turn Them Into ToolKits

The Ultimate Meal Prep Toolkit

Breathe Better Breathwork Toolkit

BW Workout Tool kit

As you can see, by manipulating these variables you have dozens of ideas for a Tiny But Mighty Digital Product.

These types of products are designed to be small and simple. They are designed to help your client/audience get a quick transformation.

Now, it’s over to you.  

Happy creating. 


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