Feb 17th 2024

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Today, I’m going to share with you how to monetise your expertise in 5 simple steps.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of overwhelming advice out there.

So much so that I bet it’s stopped you in your tracks before even making a start. 

Which unfortunately is where most health, fitness and wellness professionals get stuck.

And I don’t like seeing knowledgeable and experienced professionals get stuck. Especially when less qualified people are earning big dollars and influencing others.

I’m sure you agree, that’s a big problem. 

Let’s dive in.


It’s easier to monetise your expertise than you think.  Too many are overcomplicating the entire process.

So, here’s the only 5 steps you’ll ever need to know:

1. Clarify your expertise 

2. Solidify your steps or process

3. Know your audience inside it

4. Keep it simple. Create micro-transformation products before macro-transformation products

5 Focus on one marketing path/funnel

1 Clarify your expertise.

To be successful online you need to cut through the noise. To do this, get known for something specific. If you are a nutrition coach, saying so is one of the fastest ways to be ignored.

You’ve got to drill down into a niche area.

Something clear. Something specific.

Think of it like this. You want to move away from a broad niche and move towards a micro one.

Broad Niche ——> Micro Niche

Here’s an example of a broad niche broken down into smaller parts to arrive at a clear and specific market:

As you can see, the broader your market the harder it is to market to. The more defined, the easier.

By becoming hyper-targeted you’re more likely to stand out in that space.

Standing out means you’re memorable. This, in turn, leads people to binge your content. And increases the chances of those people buying from you.

2 Solidify Your Steps or Process

You’ll have your unique process if you’ve been working with humans for a while. Your process is a repeatable, step-by-step approach. A client goes through this when they work with you.

Let’s use Personal Trainer Abby as an example.

Abby’s niche is helping Type A personality people in their 30’s. She helps them get super fit and lean. With the end goal to help them perform in their jobs (think Lawyers and Finance professionals).

Her process is as follows:

1 The potential client fills in an online application form (the PAR-Q and lifestyle questionnaires).

2 She conducts a paid in-person consultation to discuss the information

3 Abby takes the person through a movement and performance screen/assessment.

4 Based on what Abby identifies she recommends a specific training package. The package will help the person achieve their goals.

5 She initiates the onboarding process.

6 Abby executes the first 12-week foundation phase of the training package. Inside this Foundation Phase will be specific deliverables. These are unique to Abby, for example, she relies on a Weekly check-in system. Rinse and repeat.

Abby can turn this entire process and parts of it into a Signature Method, sell it online and create spin-off digital products.

*Action step: go and write out your entire process from the point of enquiry through to the client getting their transformation. Go into detail about each step. You now have a basic foundation of your Signature Method.

3 Know your audience inside out.

The following is simple advice.

Don’t create products or attempt to go online if you don’t know your niche market, their pressing problems and how you can solve these issues.

(if you need help figuring this out join Genius To Gold Mini – the first few modules are dedicated to this)

You must understand their top struggles or pain points and you must have a solution for that.

Abby knows that her audience struggles with:

– Lack of time (solution: her training plan uses high-quality 20-minute weights-based workouts).

– Lack of consistency (Solutions: an on-demand library of 20-minute workouts, group catch-up sessions, and public competition between her clients)

She knows that her time-poor but highly competitive clients respond well to public competition. They also like public accountability and push.

As such, all her content marketing is around these two pain points and showcases how she gets results with her above solutions.

Imagine what could happen to your business and life if you gifted yourself 12 whole days of high-quality focus each year.

4 Keep it simple.

Repeat this over and over again.

The more simple the product is the better.

Do not try and sell a huge macro transformation when starting.

An example of a macro-transformation is something like this:

➡️ Increase your iron levels. Sleep better. Regain your energy.

It’s macro because this type of result will take months and months to achieve.

In contrast, a micro-transformation is a small win. When compounded with other micro-transformations, it leads to the macro results.

Micro-transformation example:

➡️ Eat 3 x iron-rich meals a day for the next 7 days

The micro-transformation is powerful because it’s in the immediate future. It’s also very practical and doable. When packaged into a simple 4-week coaching program, it would get a lot of traction.

Then it’s a case of stacking other mini-offers on top.

5 Focus on one pathway.

Let’s say, our nutrition coach, Natalie, has created a 4 week group coaching program. It’s called “Iron Women: Better Sleep One Iron-Rich Meal at a Time”

To promote this, all she needs is:

  • A way to bring awareness of the product to her audience
  • Sell it to her audience
  • Deliver the product.

Natalie uses Instagram as her primary hub because she enjoys it and knows that’s where her audience is. She stays focused on this and doesn’t try to use every platform.

Every piece of strategic content she creates aims to do one of 4 things:

  1. Create awareness of the problem (low iron in midlife women),
  2. Demonstrate how she can help (this creates the know-like and trust factor),
  3. Showcase the program (show them the solution ie the program itself, and client testimonials)
  4. Delivers a strong Call To Action to convert followers into sales (conversions)

Here’s the flow:

➡️ One platform eg Instagram 👉 Strategic Content 👉 Sale (using Gumroad or Stan Store) 👉 Course Delivery (Systeme.io).

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than this.

Where people trip themselves up is by not giving this process time.

(Remember this whole system needs months and years of effort. Not days and weeks.)

I promise this works.



OK, let’s wrap this up so you can start making money with your genius.

These are the only 5 steps you’ll ever need to follow when turning your expertise into digital products:

1. Clarify your expertise

2. Solidify your steps or process

3. Know your audience inside it

4. Create micro-transformation products

5. Focus on one path/funnel

Go get it


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