Create a 'holy fk I can't believe I get paid to do this' business as a women's specialist 

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For health, fitness + wellness biz owners who've got grit, a willingness to make moves and strong wifi.

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go from being an everyday coach to a profitable expert

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Legit AF business coaching, mentoring + female focussed education for Coaches like you


1.  Actionable steps without the fluff
2. Turn key solutions to your big struggles
3. Business strategies with soul (that don't suck)
4. Go from unsure and stuck into unlimited possibilities

Every insight, tool and loving boost you need to raise the bar in your business.

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coach, lemme ask you a question ...

or do you have these feels:

are you *this* close to saying 'faarrkk it, I'm out!'?

sick of navigating business on your own (it's lonely out there!)

lacking in the dollar + time department

frustrated at not having the impact you want

got a gazillion ideas but don't know how to implement them

I totally understand where you're at; and I got you

meet Nardia

After 22 years in the fitness industry, health and fitness is still my jam *cue the running man* [you Gen Z's may know this as the 'shuffle'].

Helping you stand out, create wealth with your expertise + get known gets me all fired up 🔥

Hey, I'm Nardia

A Coach, Creator, Teacher + Speaker who loves deadlifts, deep conversations, martini's and watching people make bold moves 

-filex attendee

Nardia epitomises what it means to be a strong female and she is a leader in our industry

Kind Words


Nardia is clearly a cut above the rest

- sonya

Nardia is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and thorough. Her commitment to, and advocacy for  the fitness community is a game changer.

- danielle

Nardia is a powerhouse of knowledge and this shows in her teachings

As Seen In:

female Health + performance certification

Women have different health + fitness needs throughout their life. Learn how to bring a female-specific approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help your clients look, feel + perform at their best.

become a womens fitness specialist - accreditation

For Wisdom Seekers


Program Design Mentorship

Learn to write resistance training programs that work fkn well. No super intimidating Bro vibe. We will teach you everything you need to know about creating results-driven programs for your everyday female clients


Coaching + Mentorship 

My coaching packages range from short but intense one day VIP sessions, to longer coaching containers. 


Education + DIY

Live short courses or 'done in your own time' courses are available.  These courses cover both business and the science of training women topics.

coaching thangs

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The Business, Science + Soul of

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The difference between over training + under-recovering

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Why strong boundaries are crucial

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