In our latest Genius To Gold Live coaching call one of the members shared a huge win with us.

She told us how she was about to facilitate her first in-person Run education workshop for an intimate group of runners.


This is freaking exciting, firstly for a few months she’s been specifically narrowing her focus to becoming the ‘run’ go-to authority in her area.

Running (excuse the pun) a workshop on running shows me that her messaging is on point and that she’s got the courage to share her wisdom in that format.

Secondly, at the start of the year, she focused on growing her email list and sending one email a week. For my amazing member, this felt big, but she committed to making it happen.

As a result of these efforts, she sold 3 people off her list into the workshop!

And she doesn’t have a huge list, she’s got 50 people on it.

BUT (and what I’m about to say is extremely powerful) the size of the list doesn’t matter, it’s how engaged the people on the list are that matters.

I know people with over 20,000 subscribers on their list who struggle to convert less than 1%.

The point is, that your email list is one of the most critical parts of your business.

(yes, yes, I know I sound like a broken record here …)

If you have a healthy list, you have a healthy business.

If you don’t have a healthy list, it’s goddam hard to make money online.

How do you grow an email list?​

With a newsletter and/or a lead magnet.

I’ve already shown you how to create your email list in less than 2 hours.

But today, I want to provide you with more food for thought for why creating and promoting a newsletter should be your top priority.

​Newsletters: Your Secret Weapon – 3 Reasons Why You Need One

1️⃣ You Own Your List

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to figure out all the algorithm changes that occur on Social Media. Very few of your followers see your posts and content. Unless you’re Gary Vee or Alex Homozi and you can produce up to 100 pieces of content a week, getting eyeballs on your stuff is hard fkn work.

With your list, you control who sees your content and when they see it (and remember most people check their emails multiple times per day!)

2️⃣ Your Real Self Shines Through

A newsletter is more intimate, and there are no limits on word count or character. It’s yours, so it’s a safe place to express yourself. We know that social media can be hit and miss, and people consciously or subconsciously edit or censor themselves there. Inside an email, you get to be you. And that’s what your audience wants – to see and hear the real you. Not a polished, edited, diluted version of you.

We are in the trust game and the fastest way to increase trust is by being vulnerable and real.

Your newsletter is the perfect forum for that.

3️⃣ Content Longevity

This is important, especially if you are time-poor.

People always talk about ‘creating more content’ but say that because they’re on TikTok, X, Facebook and Instagram.

By default, more content has to be created because the content has a short lifespan.

I like to ensure that any effort I put into creating something gives me a return on that effort. So I am discerning about the type of content I create and where I post it.

Plus, I’m all for making your content work for you, not the other way around.

Take a look at the following graphic.

It shows the half-life of posts on different platforms.

You can see that the content that lasts the longest (evergreen) and therefore has the most potential to create brand awareness is a BLOG (read the full article here.)

I’m not saying you should abandon TikTok, IG, FB and co, but use them strategically.

My primary focus is these weekly newsletter issues, which I then post on my website as a blog (once I’ve SEO the hell out of them).

I’m getting double the return on my efforts > more traffic, more awareness, more depth of connection.

If building an engaged, true audience and making sales is your goal, then stop wasting time on creating more (and more) content that doesn’t last.

Go Simple. Start with a banging’, a highly valuable newsletter.

If you do this, you too can monetise your email list, in a way that feels authentic and aligned, like my epic GTG member!


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