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013 | Butt Sex + Storytelling

Fitness Legitness podcast episode feature image with John Romaniello


Why Fit Pro’s Need To Master The Art Of Storytelling In Their Business


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How do you build a brand off the back of butt sex?  No, this isn’t the start of a lame joke, but a real question that sets the tone for todays episode.

I am absolutely pumped to have on the show, John Romaniello.

Now my assumption is that if you’ve been in the fitness industry for a while, you will know who this guy is. If you don’t, the chances are exceptionally high that you have come across one of his articles or one of his creations at some point in the fitness industry.  He has created literally hundreds and thousands of pieces of fitness business and fitness oriented education writing for the likes of T-Nation, Mens Fitness and Shape.

But the reason I’ve got him onto the show today is because he is a storyteller, a writing mentor and he teaches people to write like it matters.

I wanted him to explain and share why storytelling is so crucial for fitness professionals, more so now than ever before, and how you can use storytelling and increase your writing skills so that you can attract the right people into your business.



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We jam on this all throughout the show plus we go on many other tangents.

Before you tune in, here’s Johns official bio:

John is an author, angel investor, media personality and consultant who helps entrepreneurs improve communication skills and increase revenue through writing.

While known across multiple industries John has written hundreds of articles covering topics from business and marketing to fitness and self development. And he is the author of the New York times best selling book Engineering The Alpha.

In 2015 John founded wellspring media, a consulting company, focused on helping increase income and influence through effective branding and storytelling.

He currently serves as an advisor to nearly a dozen companies, freelancers as a ghost writer and a copy doctor and offers services as a writing mentor, a consultant, helping content creators become better writers.

Enjoy the show!!


IG:  @johnromaniello

John Romaniello

Roman Fitness Systems


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