Which one is better?

Here’s a debate I’m tired of seeing – the online personal training versus in person Personal Training.   I see this argument being played out all over social media with people totally dissing the other camp.  To be honest it’s getting a little boring.

But, I know that people genuinely want to know.

So is one of these models better than the other?

Well the answer is, as with most things in Personal Training – it depends!

It depends on you, the business owner, your goals, preferences, environment and ultimately what floats your boat.  Yes there are Pro’s and Cons’ to both models but to be honest, I don’t see why it as to be an either or situation.  What if this conversation could be about BOTH models?  Perhaps a hybrid model where the  Personal Trainer gets the best of both worlds?

If you are a PT purist at heart (like I am!) adding digital products or other ways for people to work with you is a brilliant way to supplement your in person business.  The main reason being that trading time for money as is found in the conventional 1:1 model has a ceiling.

You are limited by the number of hours in a day and your capacity to service clients (especially if you are constantly ‘selling sessions’)

Therefore a great work around is to create a variety of offerings that can help you to leverage your time, bring in more income and serve a greater number of people.

Here’s some possible combinations for your business: ⁣ ⁣

✅ In person one on one ⁣

✅ in person with 1:1, small group and big group offerings⁣

✅ In person with digital information products ⁣

✅ In person with a series of online programming ⁣

✅ In person with digital information products AND online PT services ⁣

✅ In person with any of the above combo AND workshops/retreats ⁣ ⁣

You can mix and match these with any online PT services too. ⁣ ⁣

How To Bring ‘In Person’ To Online Personal Training


On the flip side, if you are an online PT who still loves to be hands on with people (I purposefully say ‘still loves’ because the assumption is that you have had experience working with actual bodies), then create exclusive in person training opportunities.  You can create premium training packages where there are inclusive weekend in person events/immersions or retreats.

These types of value ‘add ons’ do wonders for creating a stronger community and fostering a deep sense of connection and loyalty to you.

Find The Business Model That Works For You


The current fitness landscape combined with the latest technology and imagination equals endless possibilities for your business! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣Seriously, there is NO better time to be in the fitness industry.

When figuring out what approach to take don’t ask yourself whether you will take an online or in person model, the best question to ask yourself is:

“What type of business and lifestyle do I want to create?’

The point being avoid thinking there’s only one way to run your business.

Honestly, there are so many options and possibilities available to you and your business today that there is no need to get pigeon holed into one model.

So dream big and change lives peeps.



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