Do You Charge Your Clients Per Session?  You May Want To Re-Think That:

One of the biggest things that keeps Personal Trainer stuck in their business is charging clients per session. This outdated model caps your income and impact.

There is only one of you and a limited amount of time per day so having a business that relies on private PT sessions limits your growth.

In this video I share with you the top 4 reasons why charging per session isn’t helping you and what you can do to turn this around.

The Top 4 Reasons Why This Model Is Outdated:

1 . Charging clients per session will keep you financially capped and will limit your ability to scale your business (learn how to leverage your time and resources to reach a greater number of people)

2.  Charging per session reduces your hourly rate.  Sure, charging $50 – $150 per session is GREAT money, but what if you could double or triple your hourly rate for the SAME time? Whilst having the added bonus of being able to train more clients and being MORE inclusive!  This is a no brainer.

3.  Charging per session does not convey your worth.  Ok, this is a biggie.  We as an industry have unfortunately taught our clients to only value the face to face component (eg the actual PT session).  When in reality there is so much you do behind the scenes that the client isn’t even aware of and you don’t even charge for.  Your time is valuable so it needs to be included in your price.

4.  Charging per session prevents coaching.  This is closely related to number 3.  There are times when a physical PT session probably isn’t in the best interest for your client (eg they are tired, stressed, sick etc..).  You may decide that they would be better off having a coffee and a chat, a stretch or an education session – these are all services that would get them to their goals.  However by only putting value on the PT session and not these other, but just as important, parts of your service the client doesn’t see value in them.

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Stop Charging Per Session



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