By Being Better


Here’s something to consider – do you really need to make your personal trainer business better OR to you need to make yourself better for your business?


Let that gold nugget sink in for bit.

The Inside Game


You here me talk about business being an inside game on a regular basis.  The idea being that business success is 20% strategy – you know procedures, systems and processes and 80% mental skills.


As Robin Sharma says, your income and impact can’t outgrow your self worth; meaning how you see yourself and how how much you think you deserve to receive will directly impact your choices and therefore income.


For example if you charge cheap rates for your Personal Training services and you haven’t put your prices up in years, that’s a direct reflection of how much you value yourself – not a lot.


If you feel that deep down, you aren’t entitled to have a strong opinion on fitness trends, nutrition trends or  anything else that is triggering you, then this belief will block you from sharing your true thoughts on social media or being directive with your advice.   Meaning you are LESS likely to take action and ‘be seen’ which in turn prevents you from getting in front of your ideal customers.


If you don’t think you know enough technical information and you are scared of being critiqued by your peers then you will never serve your clients in the way you need because you are always trying to get peer approval.


I see this one played out a lot!.  Many personal trainers think they have to keep investing a ton of money, time and effort into technical certifications to feel validated.  And while having education and knowledge is important there is a point at which doing so becomes a business growth blocker.


But the question is – who are you trying to impress with your knowledge?  Your clients or your peers?  If you scratch below the surface you will find that Personal Trainers are scared of saying what they think because of peer kickback and disapproval.  If you keep buying into this belief then you will never reach the people who really need you – your clients.


You picking up what I’m throwing down?

Think Different


These types of situations play out multiple times a day in your fitness business yet the belief is that turning to more strategies based approaches will  improve your situation.  The reality is different.  And often leads to frustration and the dismissal of a great system or process because it “didn’t work” (by the way, very rarely does a good system or process fail to work; it’s that the person fails to work the system).


The point is this.  Maybe it’s time to think a little different.


The question shouldn’t be “how do I make my business better?”, the question needs to start with “how can I make myself better for my business?”⁣

  • What limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself and business that need to be overcome?
  • Where in your business are you slipping because you aren’t practicing discipline?
  • What things are distracting your from focussing on doing the ‘behind the scenes work to grow your fitness business?’ ⁣ ⁣


A change in perspective may all be that’s needed to level up your Personal Training business.


Go ahead and think different.


Make  yourself better for your business and your business will do better for you.

Nardia x


PS . If you Personal Training business is NOT where you want it to be; eg you aren’t making the money you want, are exhausted and not sure what your next step is you are not alone.  I can help you get out of that ‘stuck’ and into results fast.

My TRIBE Business Amplifier coaching program is designed specifically to help female personal trainers who have an in person or hybrid business.  Together we will customise a PLAN for your business.  It is all tailored to you and your circumstances.

If you are interested in seeing if we are a good fit check out more at TRIBE , and book in a Business Breakthrough call so we can chat and I can fill you in with more details.




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