The Top 3 Success Mindsets

Welcome to the first Mind Your Fitness Business show with myself and the amazing Miriam Wood. Miriam has a strong background in Leadership Coaching and Sales Training and has been part of the fitness industry for well over 10 years.

This show has come about as a result of the many conversation that we have regarding Mindset and Business, especially as it relates to the Fitness Industry.

They are quick, punchy 20 min conversations designed to make you think, be inspired or take action.

In today’s episode we jam on the top 3 Success Mindsets and how can Fitness Professionals apply this in their business today!


Want to read the transcript instead of watching?  Read below:


Nardia: Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the very first, the virginal Mind Your Fitness Business TV Show with myself and the lovely Miriam Woods. Woop Woop. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Nardia Norman as I said and I help women of fitness to help strengthen their business and



Miriam: My name is Miriam Woods, so I’m a coach and a sales trainer and I work with businesses that are yet to crack the million dollar mark but are wanting to expand and think differently about doing things.



Nardia: So juicy. Okay, so what’s the dealio with this show? Obviously Mimsy and I have been friends for over 10 years and she is definitely my go-to person for all things coaching, exec coaching, leadership and sales and we have a lot of conversations around all this juicy stuff, and I was like why aren’t we actually not recording these conversations because we think that one, they are really valuable, but two it’s always nice to be able to tune into how other people think and get insight into their philosophies right. So we were like let’s just record this and hence the show is born. So our first episode today, we really want to kick off looking at perhaps some of the mindsets that make people successful, and Mim I know you’ve just spent a lot of time deep diving into a whole lot of coaches. I’m going to throw this question to you. Hey Sig, what do you think are the top three mindsets that successful people have?



Miriam: There’s so many different ways that you can approach that because at different times in our life we have to draw on different things, you know depending on what’s happening across personal life and business. But the things that I’m seeing come up both in clients, clients from the corporate space as well as individual, the curiosity, curiosity around how can I learn more, how can I figure this out, how can I get to the heart of this problem? Do I have a burning desire to really get in and understand what’s the treasure sitting at the bottom and that sometimes can be a deep dark journey, sometimes that can be really exciting. That can be when you’re working with a client and asking so many great questions until you figure out what’s really driving them, what are their motivations, what are their desires. So whether you’re a fitpro, a trainer working with a client, whether you’re looking at working with a group, that curiosity, that inquisitive nature is a powerful mindset because you can teach skills that curiosity or having a natural inquisitive mind is just something that will carry you through no matter what situation you’re in.



Nardia: Can I jump in there for a moment. So obviously we’re going to be talking to a lot of fitpros. How would having the mindset of curiosity help them in their day to day business for example. Let’s talk about, how is this going to put money in the bank, how is this going to make them better trainers?



Miriam: Yep. When you really align with your clients, so when you spend the time getting to understand what drives them then even from a sales perspective any business transaction, whether you’re working with a team, when you really get to what is driving that person then you’re not pushing to get a sale, you’re not pushing to get an outcome because when you spend that time, when you’ve finished your conversation, it could be your first sort of needs analysis whatever you might be doing, they are wanting to work with you, so it changes the dynamic, it changes things from a, oh I’ve got to find out what it is or I’ve got to get this client, I’ve got to get this business over the line, to having a really great relationship where you’re like, oh my goodness you understand me, you understand how I feel and what it is that I want. You speak my language, you get how I’m driven. Yeah great, I want to work with you, and I see that in the fitness space, I see that in the corporate space it doesn’t matter what sort of clients I have worked with, it’s developing the relationship, it’s the juicy, the trust, it’s the warm fuzzy feeling of a relationship not just a one off.



Nardia: Oh I love how you said that. Like it’s about the relationship. This is kind of a non-tangible juicy goodness that people tend to think about, but when you specifically said that the sales doesn’t have to be about trying to push them across the line, if it comes back to you really understanding and aligning with the person, the sell isn’t actually going to be a sell. I love how that kind of connects it. So we’re starting there with curiosity and by the way team if you’ve come in, please say hi, give us  some love, give us some likes, it is our first time, so be gentle with us, but let us know that you are there and you are finding this useful. Curiosity is the first mindset you were thinking of, anything else?



Miriam: Yeah. Another one actually came up recently and I hadn’t put it in this way, but I will just share a story. I was waiting for a flight just sitting in the lounge killing time recently and chatted to a guy and he didn’t quite say what it was that he did straight away. I gathered that it was something important, he’s an executive director of one of a large financial firm I’ll say. So once I found that out I said, Oh my goodness, tell me what you hire for, what would you think are your key mindsets would be in this industry given that I would say I come from a very different industry, and you know what one of his top things were, was intuition, and I said wow. In a day and age of people talking about big data and using the facts which of course is important, because we do need data and we do need to look at figures to understand goals and how someone is tracking, so when he said intuition and explained that the human element of tuning in to your gut feel, using your heart, remembering that we are not talking about customers and clients but we are talking about human interactions, and I found that really fascinating because he explained that from all levels from the regular sort of staff that might work there up to the senior management. Those who operated with a sense of listen I’ve looked at the data I’ve looked at the figures, but when I work and I look you in the eye and I see what is happening, my intuition is guiding me towards a particular outcome. And again you can’t just read a book and learn intuition, you can start to trust yourself and we know so much more. Thankfully there is a lot out there about the gut is the second brain these days, the mindset of what is it that I am feeling, and what am I observing in this client. So the client might say, oh yeah I’ve been eating right, training right, but you can just feel there is something more going on, is how to have a conversation at that level about what it is that’s important to them. A mindset [Inaudible 00:07:49] curiosity wanting to know more, asking more questions until you feel like you have got to the heart of the situation, heart of what drives them, but also I’m feeling that there is something else here, I’m sensing that sort of language will help you tune in more to what’s happening with your client.



Nardia: And the thing is with intuition, I know a lot of people would kind of put intuition into the spiritual realm, off one end of the spectrum, but from a neuroscience perspective, intuition is actually reliant on past experiences. This is why as a trainer, I’ve been in the game now almost 2 decades, and I can automatically when someone is walking, a prospect is walking towards me, I’m instantly going into analysis of the biomechanics and I can already start to figure out intuitively I know what I am going to have to work on. What joints are tight, what needs strengthening, all that sort of jazz, now that’s not because I’m spiritually aware, or like a super guru, that’s because it’s been built on years and years of experience so I think one of the ways you can hone your intuition is to keep doing the things day to day, like keep practising your skill set and then you start trusting that voice that you hear inside your head, that says I think it might be this. Would you agree?



Miriam: Yeah I would. For a real-life example of how that could play out, you could be chatting to a client and they have said all the right things, okay so when do you want to achieve this by, on a scale from 1-10 so there’s lots of great questions that we can ask but there can be a point sometimes, I call it the tipping point where you go okay great, so I’ve asked all the right questions, I’ve done all the right things and they are like, so shall we do this. I’m like, oh, so that’s when your intuition will empower you to ask the question. You know I’m a little bit confused, you know Nadia, you just said A,B,C, and this might lead to X,Y,Z, but that feels a bit strange that if you’ve expressed all of that and you are not wanting to do something about it, it just doesn’t make sense to me, so I’m feeling that there’s something not right happening here. Is it me or have I got something wrong, or is there something else that we haven’t looked at yet. So you can start to have those conversations based on the fact of what’s been said using your intuition and the language to open up the space which might mean you’ve either missed something but it gives them the chance to actually step forward and come towards you and instead of pushing in. I don’t know if that makes sense but [Inaudible 00:10:33] based conversation.



Nardia: What I love about that is the language. So if you guys are watching the replay of this, I think one of Miriam’s strengths really is the way in which you package your language. So oftentimes as a personal trainer we sense that something’s is not quite right, we want to challenge our client, but we oftentimes don’t have the words and so I love what you just said there which was, hey I’m just kind of getting the sense that there’s a little bit of a disconnect here. Have I got something wrong, can we please clarify this situation, can you help me through? So that’s a really nice way of like you said creating this space to get clarity around what’s happening. So powerful. So powerful. So we’ve got curiosity, we’ve got trust intuition. Is there a third one?



Miriam: I’m going to say grit. I know it’s thrown around.



Nardia: Oh, that was my one.



Miriam: Because we were, and I’ll go into grit because I like to hear your take on grit as well, because it can sound really tough and oh gosh well do I feel gritty today, but grit can be persistent, it can be around your thinking of I’m really determined to figure this out. It can be I don’t know how to handle this and I haven’t come across this before, but I really want to understand it, I really want a thorough 100% understanding of how to help this client. And I have this happen all the time. Not all the clients I work with I can identify in a day to day basis, but my interpretation of a grit mindset is, I want to know this inside out, I want to get to the bottom of this, I want to be able to serve, I want to be able to add value, so that will determine the actions I take to achieve the outcome. So grit can feel and look and sound like different things depending on the day, but it’s that thinking and it’s that determination to create an outcome. It’s not always perfect, it’s not always sexy, it’s not always pretty.



Nardia: A lot of stuffs not sexy.



Miriam: Even doing like Facebook live show, there’s all different things that you can do to achieve your outcome, and you’re going to give it a go. And I suppose people talk about a growth mindset, these are attributes of a growth mindset.



Nardia: Yes I’m glad you said grit. My lens for grit is probably a little bit different. Whenever I think of grit, I’m always thinking about being a relentless mother fker, right. And that’s something I say to my team and my mentorship all the time, it’s like you have to be a relentless mofo. So that can apply to any part of your business whether you are just starting out as a personal trainer, whether you are already an established personal trainer and you are trying to uplevel or shift your business, this applies if you’re a coach or you’re an entrepreneur and you are doing something different. You have to have the grit and the persistence to keep moving forward in the face of fear and in the face of doubt when things are not going your way, when you are not getting the wins that you expected to, or expecting, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. I feel that kind of goes back to what you said too, about going all in and having that resiliency I think to kind of buffer the storm. If you’re not resilient in yourself, if you have a thin skin and you take offense to a lot of things, then you are probably not going to survive in business, right, because you have to develop that resiliency. And then that tenacity. I remember, I don’t even know what the word tenacity meant, but I played competitive hockey all through my schooling years and when my coach said to me one day after playing a game, she was like, you are like a tenacious dog, and I was like, did you just call me a dog? That’s not what she was getting at. What she said was you’re just so tenacious, now I didn’t know what that meant, I had to go and look that up, and it’s so true. So tenacity being that you’re just like a dog with a bone, and you hang on and you just keep going. Now that’s not to say you become super stubborn because there’s a point at which you need to learn how to let go of things, and you need to be able to identify what things to let go of in order for you to move forward, so don’t get confused there, but if you’ve got a goal, you’ve got a why, you need to achieve something then you have to be like a dog with a bone, so that gritty nature. So yeah I love grit.



Miriam: Yeah I think even looking at what resilience, like I would be curious to understand your idea of resilience in the time that we’ve got because resilience, we’re all here, we all keep going, but I think changing the way that you, sometimes you soften into something as well, and then you pick yourself back up, and how you reflect, so any thoughts about resilience because it’s the word [Inaudible 00:16:03]



Nardia: It is, it is. What’s our time frame? Where are we at with time?



Miriam: Resilience in 30 seconds, 45 seconds.



Nardia: I like the word, so resilience means to me to be flexible enough to be firm and hard when you have to, and be able to soften when you need to as well. So you can weather the storm, like water, water is extremely resilient, but it is extremely powerful. That was my 10-second resilience blurb.



Miriam: Yeah I think it’s a good one because for the people who are watching, we sort of think about those three key mindsets that we were looking at in business, it’s not always go go go, but how can I reflect, how can I basically keep taking action, keep demonstrating, keep moving forward, but of course correct, how can I reflect, correct when that comes up so, gosh that’s really powerful. I think we’ve come up with some really good [Inaudible 00:17:01]



Nardia: I’ve had a bit of coffee, like little, call it mind punches. I love it.



Miriam: Yeah so I think there’s some great takeaways from what you’ve just shared. Tenacity, keeping your Why front of mind, and the resilience, to be able to reflect thinking be like water, if anything be like water.



Nardia: That was Bruce Lee that said that right? Flow like water.



Miriam: Oh there you go, not original material, but I like it. Be relentless mofo.



Nardia: Relentless mofo.



Miriam: Yeah, and also looking at the three key mindsets, you know inspired by chats with other people. There’s this curiosity and having that burning desire to understand your client, intuition based conversations and the grit to keep going. Oh my goodness what a powerful Wednesday.



Nardia: What a fantastic way to start off a hump day. Love it.



Miriam: Hey love to hear anybody’s questions. What’s on your mind about your business? Feel free to comment, reach out, love to hear it,  because we’ll be back same time next week.



Nardia: We are back aren’t we. We’re going to be back every single week.



Miriam: Hell yeah.



Nardia: Okay that’s it.



Miriam: Bye



Nardia: Thanks for tuning in, bye.



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