Learn How To Focus

[Critical Business Skill]  Learn how to say yes to the things/tasks/people that matter and no those that don’t. The number one killer of business momentum (and therefore productivity) is distraction. This occurs when

1) you aren’t clear on what the most important things are and

2) you aren’t disciplined enough to say no to those that aren’t.

As with anything there are certain lessons that take longer than others to learn – this has been one of my big business lessons of late. I’ve had so many different opportunities arise, and as much as I have LOVED all of them, I have had to say no to most. Argh and it’s killed me to say not to them because they are such JUICY opportunities BUUUUTT I have to stay in my lane and focus on my end goal.


The practice of saying yes and no can show up in all area’s of your life. Do you say yes to invites because you’re too scared of saying no (and then later cancel with some lame excuse)? Do you get a new idea and drop your current project to work on the shiny new one? Do you feel pressured into having that ‘one’ drink at dinner with friends even though you don’t want to? Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling Insta or FB feeds? ????‍♀️??‍♀️

There’s soo many ways this plays out but the only way you will get better at this skill is by first creating awareness of where you compromise your own boundaries and secondly practice.

Practice saying a big ‘Hells Yes’ to the things that matter ????and a big ‘Nah-ah’ to the rest ??

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