Get over Yourself!

Yep, you read that right! I want you to get over yourself and by that I mean get your head out of your own way!

Let me share with you a little story about this very concept. Just last weekend I was at a course that was based around using your natural gifts in order to speak authentically. Throughout the entire weekend, there had been this internal wrestling match going on between ‘my old stories’ and my ‘new possibilities’.

In one corner were a dual tag-team consisting of my big bad old stories; the ones that always me that ‘I am not qualified enough, or good enough’ and in the other corner was a poor little fledging thought of possibility. The one little thought that keeps whispering ‘you CAN do this’.

Needless to say, the tag-team duo of old stories and limiting beliefs were doing a mighty fine job of smothering the thought of possibility, and it was apparent to the presenter that I was suffering through this internal wrestling match.

He pulled me aside, and after a few minutes of discussion he simply said to me ‘Nardia, you need to get over yourself’. Of course, his comment was met with a steely gaze.

He proceeded to put it into context for me, and at that moment I experienced a real ‘ah-ha’ moment (or in another term that I read today, a soul-gasm). As he kindly pointed out, it was my own suffering, my own internal story that I had created somewhere along the way that was holding me back. The only thing standing between where I am now, and where I want to be is the tag-team of old stories that I have convinced myself are true.

But you know what? They aren’t true. The only truth lies in the fact that it is my own thought processes, my own head that are stopping me from stepping into my brilliance and realizing the potential that is within.

I have a choice to buy into these stories, or I can choose to write a new story for myself.

I share this with you because despite who we are, or what we have achieved, or how successful we are, we all have some pesky old story, or limiting belief that tries to prevent us from moving forward. For many women, our limiting beliefs are around ‘not enough’, not ‘good/pretty/smart/sexy/strong/rich’ enough – and you know what? It is absolute bullocks!

So the question I will leave you with is “what belief(s) are holding you back?”

Take the time to ponder this, and I urge you to challenge these thoughts. Question them, and allow the other little thought (s) of possibility grow in strength and conviction. Slowly but surely, you will be able to break down your limiting beliefs creating space for you to step into your brilliance!

Oh, and Ill also leave you with these kind words “Get over yourself”…

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