Back Yourself, Then Just Leap Goddamit!

Today marks the last day of me being a full time Personal Trainer! 


After 15 years I am officially hanging up the boots – entering into my first retirement so to speak.


To finally be able to say this to the world is both exciting but goddam scary!  I mean if I put it out there, it means that is really happening right?


For almost 2 decades I have honed my craft, spend a bazillion dollars on education, have worked my way up earning myself the honour of Australian PT of the Year, have educated literally thousands of personal trainers and of course have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients.


To say that I know the PT product is an understatement – I have been immersed in it for almost 2 decades. 


I can do it with my eyes shut; I function off intuition and experience, and it is easy – and therein lies the problem.


I have stopped growing and I am very comfortable.


And for me personally that is a dangerous (uninspiring and slightly hypocritical) place to be.


My job as a coach is to facilitate change – I do this by empowering people and giving them the skills and guidance they need to make internal and external shifts.  I challenge them – physically and emotionally, little by little, until eventually they experience massive growth. 


They stretch, and push their boundaries – they constantly re-define their comfort levels and as a result they improve.


Without growth we end up being comfortable – and whilst that may be acceptable for some, it does NOT sit well with me.


This brings me back to my life changing decision.


There are times in life when you just have to take a leap of faith.  It may be quitting a job, taking a chance on a new relationship, investing money in a project or it may be throwing it all in to follow your passion.


Life is too short to be ‘comfortable’ or to get to a point where everything is ‘easy/status-quo’, there are not enough days left to be working to other people’s agenda, or worse than that doing something you don’t want to be!


I have calculated that I have approximately 17, 155 days left to live (that’s assuming I live to 85 and don’t get taken out before then).


Doesn’t seem like a lot does it?  Which means that every day has to count for something.


For every day that is spent feeling like you are in a rut or feeling ‘meh’, or for every day that is spent ‘wishing it were over so you can get to the weekend’ is a day lost.


I love/d (eek past tense!) my job as a PT, and I honestly think I had one of the best jobs in the world, but whilst there was nothing ‘wrong’ with it, it wasn’t ‘right’ anymore either.


I think this is a key point – one must be able to recognize when ‘being comfortable’ is actually a growth blocker in disguise! 


For a long time now I have been too scared to leap – seriously, leaving a kick ass PT business (with the worlds best clients) for something unknown is a crazy idea! 


My Sneaky Saboteurs have been having a party inside my head telling me that ‘I can’t’ and planting massive seeds of doubt.  My ego is digging its claws in as she realizes that her entire identity is about to be made redundant. That part of my subconscious brain that craves security and certainty is yelling ‘what the fu%k are you doing?’!!!


And for every sane reason (*cough* excuse) why I shouldn’t leap is EXACTLY the reason why I should. 


And I have.


Because at the end of my 17, 155 days I want to look back on my life and know that I backed myself.  I want future (older, greyer and shriveled Nardia) to have followed her passion regardless of whether it seemed like a good idea or not.  I want to be an example of someone who trusted her skills enough that she kept on moving forward without ever becoming comfortable or complacent. 


I am sad at the prospect of no longer ‘being a PT’ (yes my identify is firmly wrapped up in that – time to change!)


I am sad that I am passing on all my amazing clients (people who have spent years with me and as such have wonderful relationships with – however will benefit from being with someone fresh and different).


I am sad that I will be leaving my friends and the ‘gym environment’ (yes – working in a gym is every bit as fun as you think it is!)




I am pumped about the unknown future.

I am excited to be in a position where I will have to learn new skills and change tact in my education.

I am hankering to see what I am capable of achieving now that I have plenty of time on my hands (coffee anyone?).

And most importantly I feel re-energised and ready to take my message to a whole new level.




So as I sit down with a bottle of Verve and a salute to the end of an era, but the beginning of a new adventure I offer you this one suggestion:



Paulo Coelho quote about doors

Nardia Signature




PS I am still going to be heavily involved in the industry; just in a different format – no more One-on-One business – I am evolving my business and my products with a heavy emphasis on doing what I love – Presenting!! 

I have also been squirreling away on some very cool projects that will be launched in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

PPS What are your thoughts?  Drop a comment in below 🙂



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