Both Olivia and I have noticed a problem that’s been popping up in the fitness industry, more so of late. And that is the issue of injecting women into workouts or training programs that include high-intensity interval training, or high-intensity resistance training, without a foundation of aerobic fitness.

We see it all the time. While the responsibility falls on the trainer, part of this can also be blamed on the way the fitness industry has set up expectations.

Many clients enter our training partnership with the preconceived idea that the trainer’s (Gym) job are to make them sweaty, exhausted and feel ‘as if they’ve done something hard’.

The trainer then feels pressure to meet this expectation out of fear of losing the client if they don’t give them what they want and expect.

It’s a vicious cycle that keeps both the client and trainer stuck in an inefficient (and potentially harmful) way of being. It’s a lose-lose situation.

When a fitness professional keeps prescribing high-intensity activity without first establishing a solid foundation of movement and capacity, it limits the client’s potential.

This is why both of us put a lot of attention on building a solid base of aerobic conditioning when building out programs (regardless of the goal).

Tune in to hear us talk about:

1. Why skipping aerobic conditioning is problematic

2. Our definition of aerobic conditioning

3. The big difference between developing fitness and just ‘doing’ fitness

4. How to build this into your programming

It’s juicy so get ready to take notes!!


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