042 | Don’t Quit If You’re Tired – The World Needs You

The long-term consequences of Covid restrictions and all-around fkery are taking a toll on everyone, particularly Fitness Business owners and coaches.

I’ve witnessed, and heard, the stories from coaches who are feeling let down, unmotivated, tired and unsure because of ongoing client illnesses and financial changes. Leading to an uptick in client cancellations, no-shows, a decrease in membership growth and an intense mental burden.

If you resonate with this, then please know I SEE YOU.

I see your struggles, your doubt and the wobbles in your conviction.

Sure, it may all feel fken hard, and heavy right now, but let me assure you, this will pass.

I promise you.

In today’s Training Women podcast episode, I share a love bomb from my heart to yours. Consider it a punchy little pop of cheerleading motivation coupled with some tough love strategy.



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