Being nice, kind and empathetic are great traits to have, especially in the field of health and personal training. 

However, is there a point at which your ‘niceness’ is making you a walkover?

“I’m just too nice” is a statement I am hearing a lot in my coaching consultations with fitness professionals. 

Which is usually followed up with “I don’t enforce my cancellation or terms and policies, and I’m getting tired from all the text messages at random times”

Does this sound familiar?

If so, then today’s episode is for you.  

If you’re not following through on your Terms and conditions, clients are cancelling without paying, you’re chasing owed sessions and you’re too available for your clients, then you’ve got to listen to this quick and punchy episode.

I share why having strong business boundaries is critical for your mental health and career longevity, and how to set clear expectations.

Learn how to train your clients to respect your boundaries, Terms and Conditions, and expectations.

And most importantly, learn how to do all of this in a powerful way without feeling guilty, anxious or icky.


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