There was a time in my life when I thought it was normal and OK to not have a regular period.  In fact when I realised that a regular cycle comes every 30 odd days I was shell shocked. 

I didn’t get a regular cycle until I was around 32 ish, and that was a combination of having Polycystic Ovaries and engaging in training and situations that led to low energy availability.

It took a few years of constant focus to heal both my HPO and HPA axis to restore good health and cycle. 

This is not an uncommon story.  Menstrual cycle dysfunction is common in both recreational exercisers and athletes.  It’s just not talked about often. 

Olivia sought help for her Menstrual cycle dysfunction over ten years ago, but poor advice from her doctor meant she felt disempowered to follow the advice and so continued living life as normal.

It’s only now, that she’s made a concerted effort to heal.

In today’s episode, Olivia and I candidly share our experiences with Hypothalmic Amenorrhea.

We discuss our health struggles, what it meant for us and how we started the healing journey to restore our cycles.

This is important listening – the more awareness we can bring to this topic, the more helpful we can be to our clients.



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