030 | What Fit Pro’s Need To Know About Working With Mums

If you work with mums of any age, then you are working with a post-natal woman. 

Yep, you read that right.  Postnatal training and knowledge aren’t exclusive to those first few months post-birth. As today’s guest Jen Dugard always says, “if you’re training a Mum, then she’s still postnatal”.

Let that sink in. 

This crucial paradigm shift is just one of the many societal and fitness industry misconceptions that Jen is on a mission to change. 

If you don’t know Jen, she is a good friend of mine, an absolute rockstar educator and the leader of a whole new way of working with Mums.

Her certification Safe Return To Exercise has been completed by thousands of fitness professionals and has revolutionised Personal Trainer’s approaches to training. 

In this value-packed episode, Jen shares her insights on working with women, what fitness professionals need to know (but probably don’t) about working with Mums, and some key things you need to look out for. 

Enjoy the show….

PS Jen can be found at @jendugard, and you can register a spot in her course here > Get Certified


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