I’m excited to introduce a new vibe to the Fitness Legitness podcast and that’s by bringing in my superstar co-host Olivia Park.  

Olivia and I often have conversations about various aspects of training and health and how it relates to getting the most out of your female clients.  Since we go on many tangents I thought it would be interesting and invaluable to share these conversations with you.

Olivia has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience as a trainer and is my Master Coach for the Female Health + Performance course.  I interviewed her for this show many moons back, so if you want to gain an insight into her then check out the show here and follow her on instagram.

In this episode, we jam on the importance of programming in recovery for your clients and explain how fatigue can mask fitness. 

Many female clients are juggling multiple demands that can make recovery from training subpar.  Recovery isn’t just about rest days, or bodywork (although that’s important), it’s about looking at your client’s training load as a whole and ensuring you’re finding that sweet spot between stimulus, recovery, and adaptation. 

Tune in to hear our take on this.

Nards + Olivia

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