Currently, I’m in the middle of a Social Media break.  People are doing July challenges such as Dry July, or Beer and Pie July, and while they are commendable, I decided that taking a step back from Social Media would be my mid-year challenge (because, ah vino…..)

I’m the first person to strongly advise you to use Social Media platforms for building your brand and business, so I don’t take this decision to step away for a month lightly.

In fact, I got a little ancy thinking about it, which is one of the reasons why I knew that I had to!  Lately, I’ve been wondering whether there’s a more efficient way to use it.

The only way to figure that out was to gift me space from it.  And well #mybizmyrules, so I get to do this.

In today’s episode, I go into deeper detail as to some of the reasons why I knew I needed a break (these will probably resonate with you!) and how I’m going about it. 


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