Have you ever wondered how to make your online fitness business stand out in the saturated digital market? Or you’re trying to figure out what to focus on in your business?

Join me as I unpack the Online Business Triangle of Attraction, Conversion and Transformation.

Inside this snippet from the Genius To Gold Mini membership, I discuss how to attract the right audience and transform them into loyal, paying customers.

Branding and Traffic: The Lifeblood of Your Online Business

Attracting the right audience heavily relies on your brand – how you show up and your ability to convey your message to the right people. The conversion process starts once you’ve attracted people into your world. The question then becomes: what’s your sales process? How do you transition admirers and lurkers into subscribers, and eventually paying customers?

I jam on the idea of ‘productisation’ in your customer acquisition strategy. This is the art of creating different offerings to help your customers in their transformation journey, which could include mini-courses, retreats, and other products. I also discuss the importance of getting the basics right with your brand, showing up to the world in a memorable way, and generating traffic to the right places to convert into customers.

The Magic of Building an Email List

Your email list is a powerful tool in your online business arsenal. It’s not just about growing your social media following; it’s about transitioning these followers into your world through strategic freebies or lead magnets.

Once they’re inside your world, you can nurture them to a conversion point.

When you get the front end of your business right, you don’t have to push for a conversion or sale. The ‘sales’ process is already done for you.

Key Takeaways

1. A powerful brand is the cornerstone of a successful online business. It helps you stand out in a noisy space and become memorable to your target audience.

2. Traffic generation is essential. Most online businesses struggle due to insufficient eyeballs on their business. This can be tackled through both paid traffic (Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.) and organic traffic (social media posts, blogs, podcasts, collaborations, etc.).

3. Building a profitable email list should be a focal point in your online business strategy. The bigger and more engaged the list, the higher your chances of financial success when selling your products and building your online business.

4. The conversion process should be viewed as an evolution in your relationship with your audience, not a pushy sales tactic. If your front-end branding and attraction strategies are done right, conversions will naturally follow.


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