How To Create A Recognisable and Memorable Fitness Brand

Welcome to the Training Women podcast, where I bring insightful conversations on the business, science and soul of working with women.

In today’s episode, we’ll be exploring how personal trainers can build a recognizable and memorable brand. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this topic as I answer a question from one of our listeners.

As a Fit Biz coach, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be an expert and leader in your field. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a PhD, but it does mean positioning yourself as the ‘go-to’ business. And this starts with changing your mindset and viewing yourself as highly valuable.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is that personal trainers should see themselves as more than just service providers. Strive to become an expert in your field and view yourself as a leader in the fitness industry. Doing so can position yourself as the go-to authority for fitness and wellness guidance and information.

I also stress the need for personal trainers to recognize the value of their profession. With the fitness industry crowded and noisy, there is a significant demand for high-quality fitness guidance, education, and information. Personal trainers who can tap into this demand can build a successful business that provides a valuable service to their clients and audience.

Personal trainers need to start with the basics to build a recognisable and memorable brand. Create a strong online presence, use social media platforms to engage with customers, and offer high-quality content that showcases your personality and expertise.

Your clients, audience and potential clients want to feel connected to you, they want to see the real you (remember you create the boundary around this), and they need to trust you.

Take a listen as I provide actionable advice for Fit Pros looking to make a lasting impact and income.



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