Have you set any goals recently? Congratulations if you have. Before you even think about a plan of action though, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes just thinking about where these have come from. Do they originate from within you, or are they a reflection of somebody else’s goals?

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have a set of values that are the filters through which we view the world. Everyone has their own set, and everyone’s is slightly different. Part of being open minded is about being aware of this and accepting that other people can have a set that does not necessarily match perfectly with ours. We generally get along better with people who have similar values to us, and sometimes we can dislike somebody if we discover that they have one or more values that are in discordance with our own. Ultimately, no two people are completely in tune with each other 100%, and that’s what makes life so exciting.

If you ever set a goal, it is very important to think about whether it will actually make you happy to achieve this. Very often people set goals that they feel that they should because of social expectations, but the achievement of this goal may not necessarily be a good thing. A very simple and quick check for all goals are to measure them up against your values. Any goal that you should actually work on must be aligned with these.

There is nothing healthy about trying to be somebody that you’re not, and you are much better off accepting who you are and always striving to be your best you. Trying to be somebody that you are not just to meet anybody’s expectations, whether that of friends, family or society in general will not bring any fulfilment unless it is something that sits well with the true you.

A great question to ask yourself is this – if nobody else wanted you to do this, would you still do it? If it’s yes then it’s time to get down to business!

If no, then that is an indicator that perhaps ‘your goal’ is not your goal after all, and it may be time to re-set some goals that are much more meaningful to you.

From NN:

A commonplace example of this is when I meet potential clients who have been encouraged to come and see my from either their partner or their doctor. More often than not they are begrudingly sitting in front of me, telling me that ‘their goal’ is to lose weight and get fitter. Whilst they may be saying the words, and thinking that is what they want to achieve it is obvious that they do not, and unfortunatlely, like many who set goals that are not theirs, they end up failing or being unfulfilled. In this situation I will often dig a little deeper and try and find a different, more meaningful goal to them. A goal that sits in alignment with their values, and one that gets them inspired and motivated.

5 Questions to ask yourself:

1. What are your key values? (if you aren’t sure check out this blog post ======> Why you need to know your values)

2. What are your current goals?

3. What are the outcome of your goals? How will you feel once you have achieved them?

4. Does this goal line up with your personal values and outcomes?

5. Based on the answer from question 4; Do I need to re-set some goals?

Love Susy



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Susy Natal is the founder of health and wellbeing company Bennu Ignite Pty. Ltd. Her background is in psychology, scientific research and statistics, but her love for a healthy lifestyle and of setting goals and chasing them down has taken over.
Susy competes as a fitness model but trains across several modalities of fitness, including powerlifting, gymnastic basics, military style training and calisthenics, as well as traditional body building work.
Susy is qualified as a personal trainer and is available to work one-on-one, in pairs or small groups of up to 4 people at Bondi Platinum Fitness First in Sydney’s East. She is also qualified as a Coach and is offering packages for life coaching as well as health-specific coaching. Please contact for information about prices and services available.


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