The health and fitness industry has seen a transformative shift in recent years. Hybrid fitness businesses have gained significant traction. Technology, consumer preferences and lifestyle changes are some of the forces behind this.

Transitioning from in-person to a mix of online offerings holds myriad benefits. Advantages like reaching more people and added convenience for clients.

Yet, as with any evolution, the transition presents unique challenges.

Building Confidence and Technical Skills

For many, the pivot to digital may seem daunting and often gets put into the ‘too hard’ basket.

But as with anything, when you start at the beginning, there are many hurdles and a big ‘suck zone’ to get through.

I could tell you that transitioning from in-person to online is all peaches and cream, but I would be lying. It takes focused effort and a ton of patience, perseverance and deep breathing (a few bottles of wine).

As cliched as this is, learning to enjoy the process is the key to mastering the transition.

Think of a beginner client coming to see you. We don’t expect them to master an Olympic Lift or be able to do a Muscle-Up immediately. That would be ridiculous.

Instead, we set realistic, small goals. We focus on improving their strength and movement skills. We do this one rep at a time, and the more reps they do, the more confident and competent they become.

In this scenario, you understand the need for patience and grace. You most likely give them plenty of encouragement and motivation, too, right?

Well, coach, the same goes for you.

Besides, you don’t have to do it alone. Many online resources, courses, and tools are available to help you.

Mastering Digital Marketing

In a hybrid fitness world, understanding the nuances of digital marketing becomes paramount. Digital marketing is the bedrock upon which the online part of your business will thrive.

In short, you need to ask yourself, ‘Am I Googleable?’.

Do you have a digital ‘home’?

Or a solid digital presence?

In this modern age, you must have a clear and memorable brand.

Your potential client needs to be able to find you, connect with you and take the next step with you.

If they can’t, you’re not hitting your business potential.

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are a free, powerful (and fun) way to do this. They also serve as a place to share your wisdom and insights (and the compulsory #sweatyselfie and #foodporn shots).

The idea of showing up on social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But given its potential reach, it is an easy way to connect with your ideal audience.

What you want to be focussing on is Video-first content.

Content in reels, vlogs, stories and lives is the simplest way to grow your brand awareness.

What Hybrid Fitness Business Model Do You Want?

Transitioning to a hybrid model has its challenges. First, there’s deciding what kind of hybrid model you want.

Some basic options include the following. Please note there are many combinations that you can consider. It comes down to your business goals, preferences, passions and skills.

  • In-person and online (doing traditional sessions but virtually)
  • In-person with a few one-on-one or group sessions online
  • Online (one-on-one/small groups) with a few offline clients
  • Offering a Signature Program delivered both in-person and online.
  • In-person combined with digital products (for example, virtual retreats, Signature Programs, DIY training programs and so on).

As you can see, many ways exist to set up your hybrid business model. Never feel as if you have to stick with one way of doing it.

Another main concern is managing time and scheduling. Balancing in-person sessions with virtual ones requires planning and the right scheduling tools.

The virtual space also demands a different form of client engagement. So, it’s essential to cultivate a captivating online experience.

“The virtual space demands a different form of client engagement. So, it’s essential to cultivate a captivating online experience.”

The rise of hybrid fitness businesses symbolises the industry’s adaptability to change. An opportunity to merge the traditional with the modern leads to endless possibilities.

So coach, if you’re on the fence about adding online services to your in-person business, remember, you’ll only know if it’s the right move once you do it (what’s the worst that can happen?).

The digital world offers immense growth, impact and financial potential worth exploring.

Embrace the change.


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