Fitness is NOT about having big boobs, flat abs, a massive booty and flaunting oneself like a pornstar on Instagram.


Fitness is NOT about being super elite and ‘hardcore’.


Fitness is NOT just about sculpting the perfect body.


Fitness is NOT necessarily the same as health.


That was the overwhelming opinion from most people I have encountered in the past 2 weeks.


You see for the past fortnight I have been immersed in conferences – the first, the Australasian conference Filex and the second, IDEA PTI conference in Seattle, Washington.

IDEA photo


I love conferences – not only because I get to stand up in front of hundreds of enthusiastic and eager-to-learn fitness professionals and share my message but also because I love the buzz and energy that accompanies it.


Attending these conferences reminds me why I became a Personal Coach in the first place – to HELP PEOPLE TRANSFORM.


As a veteran of the industry (yes I think I can use that term now) it is easy to get disheartened by all the rubbish that I often see – the supplements, the rise of the ‘fitspo’ expert, the over-emphasis on the ‘bikini body’, the unnecessary glorification of ‘shoot ready’ bodies, ‘razzle dazzle’ equipment and exercise fads and the constant bombardment of food photos – seriously just eat the goddam food already! (Admittedly I have been known to take a few food shots but that’s because it was so pretty; not because I was showing off what I was ‘allowed to eat’).


If you are familiar with my writing and other blogs this will not be news to you. 


In fact sometimes I feel like I sound like a nag with my constant criticism of certain parts of the industry – ok, maybe a nag is too nice – sometimes I feel like grumpy bitch.  I don’t mean to be that person but it saddens me to see what it has become (you can read an opinion piece I did for Australian Network of Fitness magazine here ===>   Network Perspective).


HOWEVER the past 2 weeks have reminded me of all the GOOD that is in our industry. 


I have seen fitness professionals with a burning desire to help people change for the better.  I have chatted with energetic trainers and other professionals who, like me, are focused on seeing a positive change in what is presented in the media, who are focused on changing the definition of our client’s success (this does NOT include focusing on weight or superficial outcomes), and who are ready to stand up and say enough is enough!


I am proud to be in a position where I am both a conduit of change and also a recipient of information.  I LOVE that I get to inspire or spark paradigm shifts in people.  I am also thankful to have absorbed all the enthusiasm and energy from so many other inspiring like-minded individuals which has left me feeling refreshed, renewed and re-connected to my original ‘why’.


So with fresh enthusiasm, and the help of some kick ass individuals here is what we think Fitness is:


Fitness is a vehicle for transformation.  Being challenged physically and mentally allows for growth, and as Tony Robbins says ‘if you are not growing you are dying’


Fitness is a vehicle for connection.  Not only is this about meeting new people and socializing it is also about re-connecting with ones own body. 


Fitness is multi-factorial.  There are multiple components to Fitness – ‘looking good’ is only one of many.


Fitness is a journey.  Yes this is super cliché, but so true.  As mentioned in the first point, fitness allows you to learn about yourself as you progress.  It forces you to assess your life, to make adjustments and to figure out what your personal definition of success is.


Fitness contributes to Health.  Without health we as humans have nothing.  If we are sick or diseased the overall quality of life is lessened.  We are entitled to thrive not just survive.


Fitness allows us to be Zombie Apocalypse ready.  Ok, not a real thing but Fitness does allows us to be ready for whatever life throws at us – physically and metaphorically.


Of course this list is not extensive – I’m sure you can think of other ‘Fitness is….’ statements, but ahhhhh aren’t those more meaningful and inspirational than pouty-lips and fitness pornification?  (For the record I actually don’t follow anyone like that on social media – I delete or simply ignore them however I know that many people do hence why I am bringing awareness to the above conversation).


And with that my friend, I shall love and leave you.  But before I do I encourage you to think long and hard about what Fitness means to you, and also what your definition/s of success is.


Oh and do yourself a favour; give your social media feed a detox – if you are left feeling crap, disheartened, lacking, or wishing you looked like anyone else but yourself then you NEED to hit the ‘Unfollow’ button a few times.


Fitness should make you feel good; it should build you up, energise you and encourage you, not pull you down.

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PS I would LOVE to know what your ‘Fitness Is…’ statement is – pop it into the comments below 🙂





It is well known that I can be a grumpy, critical biatch when it comes to certain parts of the Fitness industry, however…

Posted by Nardia Norman Coach on Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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