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Welcome back to the Fitness Legitness podcast. Today, we have Lynsey Fraser with us. Lynsey works in the field of Facebook Marketing. She shares crucial aspects of social media marketing that people only know little about and must learn. From building relationships with customers to building a brand name, Lynsey shares a lot of information in the podcast.

Lynsey talks about advertising concepts like business pages, the Facebook algorithm, and the importance of engagement. Her insights can help you become a social media badass. You’ll learn about the kind of content you should post on Facebook and how frequently you should post content. Lynsey talks about the power of consistency and portraying your real personality as a fitness queen.

When people start performing marketing activities, they believe that they need to follow industry trends. Lynsey’s knowledge can help you understand why it’s crucial to make sure that you know your marketing objectives and stand out from other market players. Understand whether your marketing efforts are bringing in the results that you want and up your fitness legitness.

Lynsey shares how you need to go beyond simply posting videos or photos. She talks about going beyond that shit and being a fierce trainer. She talks about how businesses can think of unusual ways to help their clients achieve their fitness goals.

Lynsey talks about why not being online in today’s modern era is a huge mistake, especially during COVID-19. She talks about why people should stay in the online marketing game, and go beyond posting vanilla content.

There’s a lot of technical information that’s waiting for you to read it. Lynsey wants you to go beyond attracting your customer. She wants you to get them to your venue- that’s where they should be in the first place.

Listen to this podcast and know how you can get your bizz-sass back.


(00:06:25): So, I think not being really poignant or targeted in their content, like just trying to do stuff that’s generic or trying to do stuff that looks good, but doesn’t actually let people get to know them. It doesn’t actually build a relationship and doesn’t add the biggest thing (to add value) to the person who’s seeing it.

(00:09:29): If you were self- censoring yourself, that’s the roadblock in your business. It’s not the social media platforms.

(00:17:24): If you’re not in the right position to sell at the moment, then you can be doing stuff like promoting your content. So, people see it, and you can get people into your email list, get people to your website, and get people to watch your videos.

(00:18:12): So, when I say set a budget, you’re going to find the sweet spot that you’re comfortable with, and it’s not necessarily going to instantly return for you, but it’s a budget that you’re comfortable investing into the platform for it to learn more about you and you to learn more about it.

(00:28:29): We look at people’s faces. We judge, we interact with what they do and what they say. When you have a video, you, they get to see you. They get to see your little nuances and your little facial expressions and stuff like that. And, that’s a big part of the relationship building process.

(00:44:29): I think it’s all about a mindset using social media. You can learn the tools. You can learn the ads and you can learn the techie stuff. I think it’s about getting to the right mindset. You are putting content out there to support the bigger vision of why you’re actually a painting in this industry.

Resources mentioned


1. Minimum Spend- This refers to the minimum advertising expenditure required to ensure that an advertisement runs on a social media platform consistently.

2. Engagement Levels- This refers to the number of public shares, likes, and comments on social media platforms.

3. Lead Magnet- A lead magnet is an incentive offered to a customer in return for contact information.

4. ClickFunnels page- An online sales funnel builder for landing pages


1. https://www.socialflow.com/- A company that helps you analyse data to understand the social media strategies that you should use.

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