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Building A Memorable Brand


Hey there, welcome back to the show.  I hope that you have been doing OK through these crazy COVID times.  Isn’t it excellent news to hear that our restrictions are easing and it looks like you’ll be able to do outdoor sessions very shortly!  Soon to be followed by restricted indoor training – just the news we the Fitness Industry have been waiting for!  Well for us Australians and Kiwis anyways.


It really is hopeful news, but I want to enforce that just because restrictions are being lifted, and it feels like we are on a a fast track back to normalcy, to NOT get complacent.


Don’t’ drop the ball.


Now is the time to stay on top of your marketing, to keep delivering your virtual sessions with world class execution, to keep supporting your community as they transition back and to get really clear on what your future business model looks like.


We aren’t out of the danger zone yet, and if the experts from the Filex International panel are right (and let’s  be honest they’e got a ton of wisdom and insight into world wide Fitness trends) we need to plan for at least another 12 months before seeing the full effect this pandemic has had on our businesses.


Ok, I’ll leave that there so I can introduce todays guest.  Just quickly before I do though, have you joined my private FB group?  If not, you gotta come play – it is growing by the day, and I would love for you to join it.  It’s called the Fitness and Business Coaching Tribe – Ill give links in the show notes, but it is the place to be for all Fit Pro’s who want valuable business tips and ideas as well as female-client specific coaching.


Come hang with us


Now, to the star of todays show.  My guest Nikki Naab Levvy is someone whom I admire greatly in this industry.  She is raw, vulnerable, honest and a voice of reason.  When she talks, I listen.


Nikki is a fishnet wearing Pilates instructor, massage therapist and fitness educator with over 10 years in the game. She is also an exceptional writer and great communicator.


Nikki demonstrating a pilates shoulder exercise


In this conversation we talk about her recent Fitness funk and why she didn’t feel good enough to be in the industry anymore (and also why she got over that), how to launch a membership in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and why you need to embrace your quirkiness in order to build a recognisable fitness brand.



[00:00:2:18] How the pandemic bought up a lot of emotional issues

[00:00:6:37] Understanding the importance of Marketing

[00:00:10] Don’t fall into the trap of following any one ‘guru’

[00:18:37] Why ‘trying’ to be the ‘expert is exhausting and what you need to do to make it easy

[00:20:00] Why all trainers need to know fitness business marketing

[00:24:22] The power of niching your fitness business

[00:33:34] Launching a membership (and how intense it actually is!)


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Podcast:  Fitness + Fishnets


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