As a personal trainer you KNOW that it takes concerted practice and diligence to get physically stronger.  You know that it takes consistent effort and progressive overload to take someone from bring a baby goat to a strong beast right?

Well duh, of course you do.

So then, with that in mind, why do you think it will be any different when it comes to building a strong, robust and profitable personal training business?

Smart personal trainers look at “quick fix” transformations and scoff. Why? Because we know that the methods are shoddy and the results aren’t sustainable. Any muppet can help a person shed weight in a 6 week program – that’s easy.



You and I both know that long term results are reliant on considered programming. The type of programming that considers all aspects of the individual.

So why then do we as Fitness Business owners get caught up trying to hack our way to more clients and income?

The answer – because like an unhappy client, our business is a source of stress or pain. There is an unease or tension in the business. Frustration about being  in a rut.  And naturally, we look for ways to get out of that pain.

So it’s extremely tempting, when you see a ‘too good to be true’ business hack or system promising you the world. I see them all over social media. Bold claims such as “make 20,000 k in one month”, lead us to throw commonsense aside and buy into it.

Don’t. Just don’t. Give yourself more credit. There are NO shortcuts to business success. Yes there are best business practices but there ain’t no hacks. We spend all day every day coaching our clients around lifestyle change, and how to avoid quick fixes. In this circumstance it’s worthwhile swallowing your own medicine.

A great coach or mentor will remind you of this. A great mentor will help you speed up your results but there won’t be any dodgy, smoke and mirror, shortcuts. Nothing that WILL bite you in the ass long term.

In my Tribe mentorship program I don’t make outrageous promises. My clients do make extraordinary results but it’s not because of taking short cuts.

We focus on old fashioned, proven steps. Then I help them action it.

Its not sexy but it’s solid.  And it gets results.

Nards x


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