What To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed Or Not In Love With Your Fitness Business

It’s 100% ok to have emotional meltdowns in your fitness business


Running a successful Personal Training business is hard work. It is both physically and emotionally demanding, and if you are someone who invests a lot of emotional energy into your business, it can take it’s toll.

Our business is unique in that we were many different ‘hats’ or roles. Most female Personal Trainers I know are especially giving of their time and energy, often at the expense of themselves.

So it’s not a suprise when trainers hit an emotional wall, and they are left feeling tired, overwhelmed, ‘meh’ and not really in love with their business. These emotions can lead to meltdowns, stagnation or sabotage.

To prevent this from happening you need to recognise your own energetic flow and learn how to work with this not against it.

Tune in as I explain why it is totally OK to have a melt down and cry (and if anyone says that it’s NOT ok, tell them to FK off) and 3 top insights to help you move forward.



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