Week 5: The Japanese Joint: Busshari



Lasts weeks act of reviewing a food court came with mixed opinions, most of it good, however, some still couldn’t help but screw up their noses at the prospect of eating from there. And that was the case in point, for many people who work in the city, eating from a food court is a part of daily life, and so having the awareness around what to eat or what not to eat will hopefully go a long way in helping their overall healthiness.

We still have one other food court ‘restaurant’ (is this what they are called?), up our sleeves to review, and I CANNOT wait to share this place with the world… but you will have to sit tight for that one.With the food court fresh in our minds, we knew that we had to go to a restaurant (well I actually wanted a proper date night), and this one seemed like the best choice.

Nutrition- 9
Taste – 8
Service – 8
Ambience – 7.5 (MC 8, NN7)
Extra mile- 8
Budget – Medium

*Scores are out of 10

Busshari: Overall rating – 40.5/50 on a medium budget


From here on in, things will start to get interesting with our food choices. Firstly on this particular evening, MC was in the middle of his Pre-Photoshoot preparation, 3 days out to be precise, which means we had to be very selective of what he was allowed to eat. MC will explain that in more detail shortly. I on the other hand, have started playing around with food tolerances, and as such am eliminating certain foods from my diet. The reason why I am eliminating certain foods is because I am reacting to certain things in my diet, but I cannot pin point what they are. With that in mind, it is normal protocol to eliminate all foods that are known to cause distress for 4-6 weeks and then gradually re-introduce them. (FYI I am following a FODMAP protocol).

So, the scene is as follows; one person is on a restricted diet for a photo shoot (so clearly MC cannot look all ‘bloaty’ for that – he needs to look ripped for his ‘orange-mocha-frappacinno’ shoot), and one person who is on a restricted diet due to food intolerances… if there is one scenario to prove to you all that eating out can be healthy and meet current dietary guidelines, then this is it.

orange mocha frappacino

Brusshari Authentic Japenese in Potts Point was the winner. This place is uber popular, and it is highly recommended that you get a booking. The chances of you getting a walk in seat from Thurs – Sun are slim to none.

Once we had an extended time discussing the menu options and what we were both able to eat, we settled on Chef’s selection Sashimi plate, Green beans, Teriyaki Chicken, and Sizzling Waygu beef. We also interrogated the waitress on the sauces, and how they were made in order to ensure they fell within our eating guidelines, and where possible asked for them on the side.

Chef's selection sashimi Sizzling waygu beef

The Sashimi, was amah-zing (yep that’s how the cool kids spell amazing these days – well according to Facebook they do). We were sitting at the bar, which overlooks the sushi and sashimi preparation area, so you can watch the specialist chefs in action. The quality of the fish used is outstanding, and it literally melts in the mouth. There is also something quite comforting about watching the chef prepare your food with precision and care.

Torching some fish

The Sashimi comes with sides of seaweed, and whilst many leave it for decoration, it is a highly recommended that you eat it. Seaweed is a nutrient rich, energy sparse sea vegetable. High in Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber it is a great addition to the meal, and should be consumed whenever possible, especially if it’s something so nutritious as this that doesn’t normally sit in your day to day nutrition- include it!

The beans, served cold, were accompanied by a delicious sesame sauce, which was made with their homemade Bonito fish stock. Unfortunately the sauce was all over the beans, so I spent some time scraping off some of the sauce with chopsticks to make it ‘MC Shoot Friendly’ (never be afraid to scrape sauces and things that may not suit you off your meal!).

NN helping out with cleaning

I’m salivating just thinking about it…maybe time to pass over to MC…


Yeah right. My question to the readers, having read the above myself, is this:

Do we sound like freaks with our eating requirements and requests?

Of course I think not, but I’m interested to see what you think. Please, leave a comment below.

The reason I believe not, is because we are purely having some say in what we eat. One of the main downfalls for people when they eat at restaurants etc is the additives that they consume. In sauces, gravies, dips, the cooking process etc. so getting even a little information will give you some more power.

Anyway, obviously I was slightly freakish on this occasion, as I was preparing for a photo shoot. All this involved was essentially eating only meat and greens while on this day, drinking a reasonably large amount of water. Days later I had re-introduced carbs in a big way whilst cutting water.

This sounds complicated, and the science can be for some, but put simply it’s designed to make me look more ripped for the camera by manipulating hydration and glycogen levels inside my muss-cles.

See- before and most of the way through the process. Now, it’s not smack you in the face drastic, but it was on the day. Those pics to come…

'Before'Mid way through prep

I’m a model, idiot?

So, I smashed some incredibly delicious sashimi, some seaweed, a few beans, and some yummy steak. As you’ll be able to tell if you’ve read any of my posts from last year- I like meat. So this worked out just fine!

We both kept to the sparkling water (NN was getting some practice in for Feb Fast), there is much more to the geeky ‘protocol’, but that’s a blog post for a different time.

Teriyaki chicken

Busshari is an awesome place to enjoy some quality food. There are many options, however, as NN described, sometimes you just have to get clarification. Although I’ll state right now:

Any place that has ‘duck breast’ as a side dish is al-fucken-right by me!

Roast duck breast 'side'

The staff was not only helpful and friendly, but every single one of the wait staff and front of house (about 6) thanked us as we walked out and said bye. This is the extra mile kind of stuff we’re marking on above.

So, for those of you outside of Sydney without the teletransportational abilities to get to Busshari, most Japanese is an awesome healthy food option. Fresh sashimi is a bonifide superfood in conjunction with some seaweed. Many of the other meat options are quite standard too; just have a sneaky check on the sauces etc and watch the rice and deep fried options, as this could easily be fried in shitty (and inflammation encouraging) vegetable oils.

And that’s it really. This place ruled, I was satisfied and came in ok’ for my shoot, NN didn’t get too much closer to any intolerance answers.

Oh yeah, and if you do have teletransportational abilities, please email me.

Meat time!


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