Yes; the monthly wine down is back this month.  I got a little waylaid there over the Chrissy New Years period, but never fear I have been squirreling away some of the best reads from Feb.

So let’s get into these brain gain reads:


 1.  Sleep – The fountain of youth

Sleep – the fountain of I  love sleep and personally believe that it is one of the key pillars of health.  In this lengthy read the author discuss just how important it really is and why in their opinion, it is THE number one pillar.   As noted:

“Scientists are learning that shortchanging sleep can compromise nearly every major body system, from the brain to the heart to the immune system, making our inability–or unwillingness–to sleep enough one of the unhealthiest things we can do.”

2.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

This article comes with a warning – it is long and chunky.  It is filled with science-y words but if you take the time to read this it is extremely interesting.   The author Stephan Guyenet counters many of the ‘anti-sugar’ arguments made by Gary Taubes, Yoni Freeman and the like.   It is so easy to buy into popular statements such as ‘sugar is the devil’ without diving into who and why these statments are being made.

3.   Earth heartbeat accelerating

Ok, so I am totally aware that I have just recommended an article that is the exact oppostie of the one above.  This may border on freaky-deaky if you are not familiar with the concepts of ‘earth energies’, frequenices and so forth.  I love Quantum Physiques (even though it BLOWS my mind and I can’t even fathom the majority of it) and to me this article falls under that umbrella.  Go into this with an open mind and heart.

#QUEENSHIT (and all things Woman Power)

 1.  Breaking all the rules #Queenshit.

Erin Brown dropping wisdom as per usual in this post.  Thought provoking and worth contemplating for a couple of days.  I love this #Queenshit vibe she owned, and how she is bringing that to the table.  You may not resonate with the terminology Queen, but you may resonate with something similar such as Goddess, Bitch, She-Wolf, Crone, Warrior.  Here’s Erin’s definition:

“What is #queenshit? It is the audacity to believe that I am at the helm of my own life. That waking up in the morning is enough reason to believe I deserve my own care and attention. It is the radical idea that my voice, opinions, sexual expression, appearance, passions, all my ever-loving feelings and EVERY PART OF MY HUMAN are valuable and mine to decipher. Without craftily placing them in a perfect, limiting box I didn’t pick out or agree to.”

Boom – read it.

2.  You don’t need permission

This is what I consider to be a Neghar Fonooni classic article.   In a similar vein to the vibe of Erin’s article above this blog is full empowerment.

“You’re allowed to determine what “feminine” means to you, and you’re allowed to identify what makes you feel powerful, what makes you feel most aligned and fully alive. So instead of collapsing silently and peacefully into the mold that someone else has created for us, I suggest we each create our own.”

Oh, and if these two articles have got you all juiced up then I HIGHLY suggest you check out their new podcast called Nasty Women Radio


 1.  The ‘Normalisation’ trap

Ok, this is another chunky read bought to you via the New York Times.  It dives into how we think about ‘what is normal’.  How we rationalise ‘normal’ and the implications this has for us long term.  I often say to my clients that as Trump’s behviour becomes more outlandish it becomes ‘normalised’ and accept it.  This is an interesting read!

“The consequences can be serious. Our research suggests, for example, that as President Trump continues to do things that once would have been regarded as outlandish, these actions are not simply coming to be regarded as more typical; they are coming to be seen as more normal. As a result, they will come to be seen as less bad and hence less worthy of outrage.”

Ok, I’m going to leave that there as there is a ton for you to indulge in.




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