Sports Models. Fitness Models. Bikini Models. They’re everywhere.

In the health and fitness world it seems that the fad du jour is training for a “Sports model/’enter-whatever-specific-division-name-is-appropriate” competition.

I’ve lost count of how many girls I have met in recent times who are ‘dieting down’ and training hard to enter their first female fitness model competition.

The sport of competitive bodybuilding and women specific categories (such as fitness, bikini and sports model competitions) have grown in popularity over the past few years, and whilst it’s a sport that has a rich history, it’s largely been reserved for the more traditional body building types. Until now.

Today, droves of everyday women are being inspired by their favourite “fitspiration” memes and are embarking on rigorous training and fitness model dieting plans to get themselves on stage.

Which begs a couple of questions:

1. “Is the rise in popularity of training for this type of body-focused competition because more girls are chasing the ‘perfect’ physique?

And if so:

2. “Is training for a competition just a socially acceptable way to indulge in obsessive behaviours and disordered eating habits?”

To find the answers and to read the rest of the article go here ======>


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