044 | Should You Have Your Own Personal Trainer?

In my early days of certifying Personal Trainers at various registered training organisations, I would always ask the students the following question “should Personal Trainers hire their own Personal Trainer?“.

This simple question always led to vigorous debate, much to my amusement.

It was fascinating to hear the different reasons for and against; it was more interesting to watch who was on each side of the argument.

As an aside, I was always able to predict with pretty good accuracy who was going to ‘make it’ as a successful fitness professional once they graduated.

I got to watch students over months, and I could always tell who had the ingredients for success. These ingredients weren’t based on how well they moved, or how great their exercise knowledge was, although this is important, what it came down to were their mindset and attitude.

Anyhoo, that’s for another podcast, back to this somewhat controversial question – should a trainer hire their own trainer?

In this episode, my co-host extraordinaire Olivia Park and I unpack this question.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Leave a comment below, or shoot me a message on Instagram.


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