Have you ever thought about throwing your business in and starting again from scratch? Or perhaps you’re feeling ‘off’ about your business and you don’t know why.

Whatever it is for you, these feelings are an indicator, or a soul nudge that something isn’t in alignment for you.

And that’s a good thing. Too often businesses get stuck in the ‘I have to stay the same’ way of operating, and *that* my friend is a one-way ticket to business resentment, burnout, sabotage and loss of clients.

Not long ago, after experiencing months of uncertainty, and unsureness in my business, I made the decision to do a rebrand experiment.

As a result of this rebrand, I realised that the Fitness Legitness Podcast needed to follow suit.

In today’s episode, I talk you through the reasoning (and sometimes non-reasoning) behind the newly Glowed up podcast Training Women, and of course, I introduce you to some of the changes.

I’m so happy with my brand re-alignment and what I’m bringing to the world.

Already, the new energy has generated a gazillion new ideas (and things I want to create for you), and my business model feels a million times lighter.

Remember, it’s your business your rules.

You get to determine how it looks, what you do within it, and how you operate.

Tune in to hear my perspective. There’s some learnings that I think will land with you.


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