A new year is typically a time for new ideas, enthusiasm and motivation.  However, my observations of late have led me to believe that many (many) women in fitness have started the year feeling the opposite.

That is, they are tired, overwhelmed, unsure of what direction to take their business, and are on the verge of quitting.

I don’t blame them, and if this is also feeling familiar to you, then know you aren’t alone.

The past 2 years of C-Fkery have taken a toll.  Businesses, relationships, finances, and physical and emotional health have all taken a hit.  From what I’ve observed people are operating from a depleted cup.

The physical and emotional depletion that I’ve witnessed leads to feelings of fear, anger, confusion and uncertainty.

And, that state my friend, is a freaking hard place to be. 

The question I keep getting asked is ‘how can I hold space for my clients, and be their cheerleader, guide and support person when I’m drowning on the inside?’

Sound familiar?

I can totally resonate with this, which is why in today’s episode the conversation is around how to feel more legitimate in your business and the fitness space (even if you don’t right now).

I share 5 ways you can start to be and feel more legitimate.

Three of these are practical, tactical action steps that you can do right now, and two are mindset based. 

If you need a boost of inspiration, motivation or any sort of ‘tion’ word then this is the show for you.

Remember, your business your rules, so get at it.



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