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Let’s face it, every Tom, Dick and Harry Personal Trainer (I couldn’t think of a female equivalent of this quote) is out there marketing themselves and selling their services – online and in real life.

It’s NOISY at the moment.

One quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram and you can see how many fitness professionals are hustling for business.

I don’t think this is a bad thing, a little competition never hurts anyone, especially if used as a source of inspiration.

But the reality is, there are more fitpros on the block and in order for you to stand out and cut through the noise, you need to be different.

In this current environment, where we aren’t quite out of the Covid-virusy-woods, old approaches won’t work. Marketing your business, or selling your products based on the type of training you offer, eg Women’s Only Bootcamps, or HIIT isn’t effective.

You’ve got to think different. Be more strategic.

This is where messaging that matters comes into play.

Turning your attention to what core messages you are putting out into world in order to attract aligned clients needs to be a priority.

People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic.

Seth Godin

In this episode of Messaging that Matters we cover:

  • What messaging actually is (hint – it’s got to do with perception)
  • The power of niching down
  • Understanding your market inside out
  • How to use it to attract more of the right clients into your business (and repel those who aren’t)

All the good stuff that’s going to help you can an edge on your competitors this year.

Enjoy the show!

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