Remember the first day you started your fitness business? You dreamed of making ground-shaking impact. Building a new, fulfilling life. Teaming hard work with epic personal rewards. All balanced out with sunset cocktail-sipping weekends and a heavy wallet to prove it.

But you quickly realised that no matter how much grit, drive and belly-fire you’ve got – in the words of Run DMC, owning a fitness business is “tricky (tricky) tricky (tricky), HEUH!”

Yep, it’s fucking tough. There, I said it.

Does this sound like You?


Are you millimetres away from breaking point? Tired of not feeling good enough? Sick of
expecting yourself to know all the answers? Over this whole missing out on fam, friend
and wine time bullshit?

Well lady, you’re in the right freaking place.

Tell me… What do YOU want?

  • Want the kind of business clarity that makes you think “oh, fuck yeah!!?”
  • Want Beyonce-like confidence to quit undervaluing your services?
  • Want the exact tools and strategies to make your fit biz truly thrive?
  • Want to get your jazzed up, fitness business mojo back?
  • Want less ‘fluff’ and more impactful, actionable steps?

If you want a sassy AF Fitness Business Mentor to set you up for trailblazing success (in whatever capacity that looks like to you), I’VE 100% GOT YOU, LADY.

Let’s do this thing!!



So, who the heck am I?

N A R D I A   N O R M A N

  • Multi-Award Winning Fit Biz Mentor
  • International Fitness Speaker
  • Apparently a Legit Legend*
  • Cocktail Enthusiast and Movie Buff
Australian Fitness Network Personal Trainer of the Year 2014
Filex Presenter of the Year 2019
*Named an Australian Institute of Fitness Industry Legend 2017

* If that’s not the coolest title ever, I don’t know what is haha!

I’m also the creator of Australasia’s first Female Health + Performance
Training Certification for Personal Trainers

Coach me, Nardia

The Only Female-First Fitness
Business Mentor You’ll
Want to Cheers a Martini With

When I’m not binge-watching Netflix and eating #allthegoodfood, I’m helping fierce fit biz women like you to reclaim power and biz-sassery through hands-on coaching and fired up courses (without the shitty wine).

I specialise in business mentoring for women in fitness ready to take
charge. Let’s get back to you owning at business (instead of it owning you).

What’s your flavour?

Amplify Your Business

1:1 Business Coaching + Community

Tell me more

Female Health + Performance Course

In-Person + Online Training

Get accredited

My Mission? Empowering women coaches to lead global change

Female Personal Trainers like you are leaving the industry prematurely
because they’re overworked and underpaid (if they’re making any dosh at all). The other half are overbooked,
slaves to their schedules and don’t see a way up – only a fast-track to burnout town.

This is exactly why I do what I do.

Teaching female PTs like you how to claim your fitness legitness (with mind-blowing confidence), strategise
your schedule, build a fulfilling business and get your mojo back is my fucking jam.

I bet you’ve got some questions, right?

ONE. “There’s heaps of Mentors out
there. Why should I choose you?”

Good Question

20 years ago Britney Spears entered the music scene, Sex and the City first hit our TV screens and Jennifer Aniston was still married to Brad Pitt.

I’m not telling you this to make you feel old. I’m telling you this because my fitness business journey began then too (okay, now I feel old).

And for the last two decades I’ve studied, discovered and unlocked strategies from multiple disciplines to help you.

I’ve mentored, educated and trained thousands of women in fitness – so they can achieve what they want, create thriving businesses and step into what success means to them. And you can too.

TWO. “So, Nards.
Do you actually get it?”

I see you. I know you. Because I was you.

$2k borrowed from mum? Check. Starting my own PT biz at 22? Check. A 1 week course to learn everything about business. WTAF.

But, in true Nardia fashion, I dove in head-first – it was trial by fire. Rookie errors out the wazoo. From attracting and converting clients, to tracking income to writing programs and delivering them. Can you relate?

I made massive mistake after massive mistake.

In fact, my first ever client recently told me that he loved me because I was a ‘bossy bitch’ and super cheap. How cheap? I was charging a measly $30 an hour. CRINGE!! I’m still a bossy bitch (in case you were wondering).

THREE. “Are you legit?”

Claim your fitness legitness with us

  • I’ve built multiple successful businesses
  • Grown a community of over 20k women in fitness
  • Managed one the biggest PT teams in Australia,
  • Subject Matter expert for the Australian Institute of Fitness (for Cert III and IV)
  • Educated trainers for AIF and PTA (Personal Training Academy)
  • Spoken across the globe alongside the likes of Turia Pitt and Mark Fisher

But the most legit thing I’ve achieved of all? Sparking ‘a-ha!’ moments in my powerful clients. Seeing them hit milestones they didn’t think were possible. And stepping into their brilliance.

FOUR. What’s your mentoring style?”

If The Rock, Oprah and Tina Fey had a baby.

So, what’s the dealio with this whole mentoring shebang. “Is this some kind of Grasshopper-Sensei shit?” I hear you say… Well, yeah. Kinda.
Look, I’m gonna put it straight. You will need to put in the hard work. I’m definitely not for the faint-hearted. But the faint-hearted wouldn’t have made it this far down the page, so that’s obviously not you.

I’m not here to waste your time. No fluff. No talking in circles. Just real, actionable steps to apply to your mindset, business and life. Oh, and we may wet ourselves laughing in the process (did I mention I’m hilarious?).

There’s no denying my feist or hunger for your success (you’ll get to know that a lot better if we work together). And I’d be bloody delighted to welcome you into our fierce community.

Teach me your ways, Nardia

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