008 | Rachelle – Fitting Into The Fitness Industry

Posted on 2021 / 09 / 09

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Today, I bring to you my second ‘Shero’ guest, Rachelle Ballard-Clayton from Mee Active Training.

Rachelle specialises in helping women get off the sidelines of life and into movements that matters.

Based in Coomera, QLD, Rachelle runs a highly successful hybrid fitness business – a business that is made up of face-to-face training (with private clients), community group programs, and online membership.

This woman has gone from strength to strength in our industry and is truly making a big impact.  This is in contrast to when I first meet her a couple of years back.

When we first met, Rachelle was struggling to figure out how and what her place in the fitness industry was.  She explains that she ‘didn’t know where she belonged as she didn’t look like the standard fitness professional’.  She was riddled with doubt, confusion, and exhaustion.

Fast forward to 2020, and things in her business and personal life are STARKLY different.

In today’s episode, we talk about her struggles and doubts and what she finally did to bring her to where she is today.  Rachelle shares openly with us and gives us great insight into her business.

There are lots to take on in this episode!



[20:32] The biggest mistakes trainers make when going into the online space

[22:08] The importance of knowing your market (avatar) inside out

[24:14] Hot tip – where to start with an avator if youaren’t sure

[32:39] The truth about building up a filled group class (and why you have to be a resilient MthrFkr)

[37:52] How to keep showing up and building a community of people even when you get crickets

[38:00] The Key piece of advice you HAVE to take to heart

[41:38] Rachelle’s 3 pieces of advice for Personal Trainers

[44:50] What pisses off Rachelle off the most about the fitness industry

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