003 | Mastering The Mindset Of Being A Business Leader

Posted on 2021 / 09 / 09

How To Get Your Head In The Game + Master Your Mindset In Order To Have The Fitness Business You Desire

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It is a well-known fact, that you could have all the best strategies and protocols in the world, but they don’t mean anything unless you implement them.

And given the fact that we have access to more information than at any other time in history, it seems weird that so many people fail to take action on the very things they know they need to.

But despite it being weird, it is not uncommon.

People have an IMPLEMENTATION problem, not an information problem – whaaaatt????  Yep – you read that right.

This is true for our clients, as well as for you in your business. So the big question is – how do you consistently implement?

The answer:  you have to create a specific mindset – one where you self generate motivation, cultivate grit and resiliency, enhance your own productivity, and practice discipline on a daily basis

And this is an overlooked part of running a successful personal training which is why I want to share my thoughts on this topic with you today.

We’re talking mindset and if you’ve been following my work for a while and you know that I am all about making sure that you have your head in the game; that you think in the “right way”, and by right, I mean in a way that helps you step up and be the better version of yourself who’s running the bad-ass business that you want.


[00:01:57] Success is 80 % mindset and 20% strategy

[00:05:13] Why you have to master your inner game to achieve your big business goals

[00:07:15] Your personal brand IS your business brand

[00:09:14] Why ‘fitness’ motivational memes are boring and vanilla

[00:12:37] How Mark Fisher created a million dollar brand owning his quirkiness

[00:18:07) Why your message has to be authentic to you

[00:26:40] One of my favourite, most powerful journal questions for business



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