ABOUT the book

For years you have been told that the keys to weight loss lies in dieting and exercising. Yet, does it ever work? No! Do you want to move past the noise and misinformation about weight loss, eating and exercise? Do you want to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting, restriction, weight gain and shattered confidence?

Body IQ details how you can get in great shape, achieve permanent fat loss and develop a better understanding of your body by teaching you how to be in control.Learn the most effective process for helping you to lose fat, improve your health and live a more energetic, happier life.I promise, you will not have to starve yourself, or go on any crazy long-winded exercise regime to achieve your results.

Body IQ will help you reach your full potential through smart training, effective nutrition and increased wellbeing. In this easy to read, down to earth book, expert trainer and coach Nardia Norman will guide you through everything you need to know to get results. You’ll discover:

  • The 10 key principles of fat loss that are guaranteed to get results
  • A four-phase training plan designed to help you take action
  • How to successfully swap detrimental habits for effective new ones


Body IQ is more than a book. It is your complete go-to resource that will leave you looking, thinking and feeling your best.


Chapter Outlines:



The four Nourish chapters outline the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about nutrition – what food is the best to eat for health and fat loss, and why.

Sweat, Train and Play

These chapters outline all the specifics about training and exercise. I outline what type of training is best, how much training you should be doing and how to know if you are doing it right.

Rest, Recovery and Repair

Sleep and recovery are one of the most undervalued fat loss tools available to us. In these chapters you will learn why sleep and recovery are vital to your overall health and ability to see results.


Your beliefs and attitudes determine how you live your life. In these chapters I discuss the key psychological tools needed to help you be successful.

What Readers Say?


Analee Matthews

It’s a great read, fab tone, friendly and easy to understand with heaps of info packed in there. Anyone who is looking for a resource to help them shed the fat would be nuts to bypass this one!

Angela Hunter

“Your book is really easy to read and very understandable and down to earth. Thank you for writing your book, which will help so many people once they hear about it”

Joanne Lenzo

“Thank you for your book, I loved it! I am actually a PT myself and found it enormously valuable both for myself and as a reference for my clients. It will definitely be a book that I recommend they purchase!”


“Nardia, one of my clients gave me your book to read and I just wanted to say I absolutely love it! I am a personal trainer and it is so hard getting all the information out there and your book does such a great job. It explains things simply, with no bull, and I really admire that”

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