#048 Molly Galbraith

Posted on 2017 / 02 / 16

Girls Gone Strong!


Welcome to the 48th episode of WOW – I have been hanging out to bring you this episode and finally it is ready to be heard!


My badass lady this week is Molly Galbraith co-founder of Girls Gone Strong.  Girls Gone Strong was started in 20111 by 7 women who wanted to change the landscape of Nutrition and Training for women.


Fast foward to today and GGS is one of the largest communities of empowered women, and one of the most influential sources of body positive, evidence based women’s based information in the world.


I have always respected the work and information that GGS and all of it’s contributors have produced over the years (you will be familiar with some of the advisory board members from previous episodes Neghar Fonooni, Erin Brown and Jen Sinkler) so to have Molly on the show is unreal.


In this episode Molly dives into her story and shares with us some deeply personal pivotal life moments.  Her stories providing great life lessons for many of us.


I also want to draw attention to the fact that a movement such as GGS can only get as big and impactful as it is under a particular type of leadership.  It is testimant to Molly’s clear vision and her unwaivering committment to self-improvement and a desire to help women step into their power that Girls Gone Strong is as impacful as it is.



In this show we jam on :

  • How Girls Gone Strong was created
  • Molly’s relationship with her body and it’s many changes over the years
  • Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, PCOS and Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Her worldwide media storm after posting a photo of herself in a bikini (this is seriously good)
  • Molly’s training regime and favourite exercises



Resources & links mentioned in the show

Girls Gone Strong

Molly Galbraith

Tools Of Titans (Book) by Tim Ferris


Molly’s post that broke the internet:

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