#059 Nikki Naab Levy – Workouts Shouldn’t Hurt

Posted on 2018 / 07 / 31
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Nikki’s original approach to fitness aka beat the crap out of herself, left her debilitated with so much pain she knew she had to find a different way.

After years of buying into these extreme exercise behaviours she found herself seeking healthier alternatives.  Now she spends her time educating every day people, as well as Personal Trainers on effective movement.

With a unique background in Ex Science, Journalism, Pilates, and Massage combines her knowledge with a funny, accessible practicality that makes understanding your body easy.

I specifically wanted to bring Nikki on the show because I haven’t discussed this topic before yet it is super relevant for anyone who works out, exercises and trains.

There is this insidious mentality that still exists that promotes the ‘go hard or go home’ philosophy.  People feel as if they have to give blood, sweat and tears in order to have an effective workout or get results, but this is not true.

Sweat and  annihilation does NOT equate to an effective workout.

An effective workout is where the working muscles (or target area’s) have been appropriately challenged and stimulated.  Adaptation occurs as a a result of this appropriate stimulation.

However, many think that they have to do more in order to achieve their goals, which often times results in injury, under recovery and frustration.


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In this episode Nikki shares with us:


  • What pain is, and why our body produces it
  • How to tell the difference between ‘working out’ pain and something more serious
  • What the ‘pain model’ is and what you need to do if you are suffering from any sort of chronic pain you need
  • Why the fitness industry is not doing a good job at promote movement health


And so much more!

This show is relevant to everyone – even if you don’t have pain.




FB:  Nikki Naab-Levy: Pilates and Fitness

Instagram:  Nikki Naab-Levy



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