#057 Eleni Psillakis The Eating Disorder Lie

Posted on 2018 / 03 / 21
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Eating Disorders Are A Mental Health Issue

Eleni, of Brazengrowth is a woman who has flourished despite, or perhaps because of, adversity.  She is on a mission to educate and encourage people to break the stigma on mental health issues.  Her vision is to inspire people to face and overcome challenges boldly and unashamedly.

Eleni embodies the word brazen and has draws on her personal experiences with depression, low self worth, anorexia, body building and time in prison to help others.

In 2016 she was awarded the Inspiration Award from the Australian Fitness Network for her unrelenting work and focus in the area’s of mental health and fitness.  She also sits on the Board of Management at Women’s Justice Network, is a Filex presenter and course creator.



Her “Identifying and Managing Eating Disorders In The Fitness Industry” is one of the most important (and much needed) courses to come out in recent times.

Presently, there is an increase in popularity of every day people entering into Physique Based competitions, social media influence, the rise of food bloggers and fitness fiends.

In the Fitness Industry there is an over emphasis on aesthetics at the expense of health and more attention needs to be bought back to this.

Fortunately, Eleni is leading the way.


In this session we jam on:

– Eating Disorders and her experience with Anorexia

– Her experience with Depression and understanding how this was her driver to Anorexia

– The Fitness Industry and it’s role in Mental health and ED

– Exercise Addiction

– How time being incarcerated led to freedom

And so much more

This is an eye opening, perspective shifting episode!!

Contact Deets:

Website:  https://www.brazengrowth.com.au/

FB:  Brazen Growth

Instagram:  Brazen Growth


Identifying & Managing Eating Disorders In The Fitness Industry

If you are a Personal Trainer in Australia than I highly recommend the following course – personally I think this should be compulsory learning:


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