#056 Chrissy King – Take Up Space

Posted on 2018 / 02 / 21
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Take Up Space

In a world that encourages women to shrink and become smaller versions of themselves, Chrissy is on a mission to help women take up more space.


We can spend our energy focusing on shrinking or we use can use our energy on creating magic and change in the world.  We can leave our mark on the world or we can play small.  It’s really hard to do both.  I would argue it’s impossible.

Who Is Chrissy King?

Chrissy King is a powerlifter, personal trainer, lifestyle coach and fitness writer who is willing to have the hard and messy conversations that no one else will.


chrissy king power


In this episode we shine a light on the darker side of fitness, namely how exclusive, white  and male dominated it is and why it needs to become more health focusses, diversified, age and body positive.


Chrissy is a strong (in body and mind) and smart woman who is passionate about empowering women to take up more space and unleash their potential.  For years elements of the fitness industry (and the fashion, dieting industries) have preyed on women’s insecurities, and have even been responsible for creating insecurities.


It has encouraged women to become smaller versions of themselves through weight loss and physical shrinking. But enough is enough.


The time has come for women to be MORE of who they are – physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Society would rather women spend our energy worrying shrinking and fixing our bodies.  But not anymore.  A new day is coming.  We will not give away our precious energy to believing the lie of how we are supposed to look.  We are reclaiming the narratives about our bodies.  The narrative belongs to us.

We Cover:

We chat about body love and why it is total BS to just tell yourself to ‘love yourself’ overnight, intersectional fitness and feminism (and why you can’t seperate the two) and the rise of the powerful female coach.


We talk about racism, imposed narratives and learning to claim our power.


It is juicy, fun and a beautiful conversation!


Chrissy and Nardia Space


Where To Find Chrissy:


Website:  www.chrissyking.com

Insta:  @iamchrissyking

FB:  @chrissykingfitness


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