#046 – End Of 2016 Insights

Posted on 2016 / 12 / 31
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Twenty-sixteen – what a crazy year it has been, one filled with ups, downs, learnings and insights.  For some it was a horrible year, for others it was a good one.  I definitely fall into the second camp.

I embraced 2016 and I had some amazing experiences which I want to share with you in this weeks podcast.

Initially the plan was to summarise the biggest learnings I had from each of the podcasts released this year, but I realised that was a mountain of a task.  Reason being that every single podcast contained valuable information and gold nuggets that narrowing it down was difficult.

As I thought about the best approach to take it occured to me that there was an overriding theme to this year.  Each guest, whilst talking about their own story and journey all had one thing in common.

A particular belief tied them altogether.

That belief was the idea of ‘owning it’.

Owning Yourself.  Taking responsibility for all your actions.  For shining a light on all the dark ‘horrible’ bits of your being that you may have stuffed down ors hidden away.  The parts of yourself that you may be ashamed or embarrased about.  Your quirky uniqueness – your Quiddity!

In this episode I dive a little deeper into the concept of ‘owning it/owning you’.  I also share with you my other top 4 insights that I had this year.

I chat about:

  1.  The How Fit Feels social experiment (and a side note into ‘Saying ‘yes’ to opportunities and seizing them when they arise without overanlaysing them)
  2.  “Owning It”
  3.  Individualisation (knowing yourself in order to make the best choices for yourself) and the specialisation of female specific training
  4.  My journey into the world of ‘online training’ and how I needed to give myself permission to chill out for the second half of 2016 (why creating white space was extremely important for me)
  5.  The #ResolutionRebllion – a FREE 3 week Body, Mindset and Mojo training program for rebellious women who want to wipe out New Years Resolutions and create a more successful 2017 (I invite you in!! – We start on Jan 9th!!)


Have an amazing New Years and I’ll ‘see’ you again in 2017!!


PS If you want to sit down and go through some Reflection questions then check out this article: http://freedomologyhub.com/10-end-of-year-reflection-questions/



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