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Posted on 2016 / 10 / 28
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The Fitness First How Fit Feels social experiement finally wrapped up on Sept 10!  I felt absolutely amazing on that last day knowing that I could finally get add some exercise and movement into my world!
It has been about 6 weeks since the last shoot day and since then I have been slowly re-introducing exercise such as walking, strengh training and metabolic conditioning.  I can tell you this much – it feels AMAZING to be moving again!
(You can see the final episode of How Fit Feels here:  Fitness First.)
We also made it back on to the Sunrise (The Australian National morning show) to summarise the results of the experiemnt – check it out: Sunrise clip.
Anyways, people have been dying to know what happened to my body over that time.  Naturally there was going to be a shift in my phsyical body – that goes without saying.  12 weeks of no exercise (and a monster craving for cake and croissants) is going to have a physical effect.


One of MANY consumed croissants!


In this episode I reveal my results and what happened to my body.  Of course I don’t want my physical results to detract from the intent of the show, which was to highlight the mental and emotional shifts that occur without exercise.


The whole experiment was designed to pay attention to our mental health because too many people only ever focus on superficial benefits of exercise.  In fact our industry and much of society has an unhealthy obsession with obtaining the so-called ‘perfect body’.


Chiselled 6 packs, flat tummies, big bootys and boulder shoulders are often top of the goals list.  While these goals may be meaningful to some people society is overlooking the most powerful aspect of exercise and movement – the positive influence it has on mental health and performance.


How fit feels crew
The crew on the set of Sunrise


The research is pretty clear about this.  Exercise has been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.  It helps keep our brains healthy and functioning well. I can honestly say that 12 weeks of no movement had a big negative effect on my overall mental state (which I discuss in the show).
But now on to the physical results…. Well they were interesting to say the least.  I was suprised by what happened to my body!!
Tune in to hear about what happened.
I also leave you with the 4 biggest insights I had about participating in the experiment (these will help you with your approach to movement and fitness!)
Enjoy the show!!


PS  A snippet of my first session back to training!!!


Image- KB swing


Where I get my Dexa scan done in Sydney:  http://www.measureup.com.au/

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