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Posted on 2016 / 09 / 22
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As you know I have been involved in the Fitness First social experiment How Fit Feels.  I have been quite open and transparent about the challenge and my experiences along the way!

I think this Facebook post beautifully sums up my overall feelings:


Surviving vs Thriving:

I have had the following conversation a lot lately. It is amazing how many people are interested in the #howfitfeels challenge, specifically they are keen to know how I am getting on.

My answer has evolved beyond “I’m feeling shit” bc when I stopped to think about what that really meant I uncovered the following.

Right now I am SURVIVING. By that I mean I am ‘just getting through each day’.

I’m doing what needs to be done, I’m meeting my work demands, I’m ticking boxes in other areas of my life. I am participating in life, going through the motions BUT that is about it.

Eveything I do is being overshadowed by extreme tiredness, irritability, negativity, a numbing and a sense of ‘having’ to do my daily things.

And I HATE this feeling bc I’n my opinion ‘just getting through life’ or ‘making it through each day’ is not an acceptable place to operate from.

There is a MASSIVE difference between Surviving and Thriving.

Right now I am NOT thriving. I am being impulsive and reactive to things. I’m ‘dreading the waters’ of each day.

Yet I can totally see why ‘survival’ becomes the norm. I have been fascinated with how comfortable I am becoming with this level of ‘numbness’. My ‘meh-ness’ or ‘can’t be fucked-ness’ has gone to a whole new level. I’m not feeling super depressed but I’m not feeling happy. I’m lukewarm. Grumpy lukewarm ha ha.

I’ve only been doing this for 9 weeks but I can see how difficult it must be for people to pull themselves out of the hole of ‘comfortable numbness’ if they have been there for years!!

If only they knew how amazing they would feel if they moved towards Thriving.

If only they knew how much better life would be if they no longer accepted comfortable numbness in their world and started operating from a higher place.

I guess with this new insight I am going to have to figure out how to show people how to get out of Survival mode and into Thrival (yes I know it’s not a word but it rhyms) mode….


In todays episode I share with you my top insights and key learnings from being in this challenge!


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