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Posted on 2016 / 08 / 18
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“Hey Calories – F&*K Off”


I think this one sentence sums up Krista Scott Dixon perfectly.  She is straightforward, real, extremely funny and witty and is one of the most interesting persons I have ever chatted to.


Krista has been someone that I have followed and admired for many, many years.  In the world of nutrition and fitness she is a super star.  I’m sure she would disagree with that word but from my perspective she is.


It would be highly unlikely for any personal trainer or fitness professional NOT to be aware of who she is, so it brings me great pleasure to share her with the rest of the world.


Krista completed her PhD in 2002 and went on to become a professor.  After academia failed to fulfill her dreams she left that space and moved into Nutrition and Fitness.  She is an author, speaker, educator and in charge of developing curriculum for the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program.


She is also the  owner of one of the worlds longest running health and fitness websites for Women – Stumptuous.com (next year will mark the 20 year anniversay of this site!)


Being a badass …


One of her books is titled “Fuck Calories and Other Dietary Heresies”.  As you can summise from the title Krista challenges the notion of ‘calorie couting’ and does a great job at explaining why focussing on them is futile.  She also breaks down a ton of different Nutrition myths that keep people stuck in an unhealthy way of thinking and being.


God, there is so much goodness in this episode!!


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In this episode we chat about:


– Simplifying your approach to nutrition

– Learning to ‘check in’ or tune into your body

– Deciding to be enough

– Why punishing yourself with exercise and restricting your nutrition choices sets you up for failure

– Why Calorie counting is overrated


Krista also shares with us 2 powerful practices for improving the ability ‘to feel’ the body and improve self love.  Having helped coach thousands of people to success Krista knows a thing or two about behaviour change!



Website:  www.stumptuous.com

FB:  Krista Scott Dixon

Get her book:  Consumed:  A Memoir





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